A Snow Day

We finally got some real snowfall here in New England. I cannot believe we’ve made it past mid-January without snow, aside from the bit we got in October. The boys finally got to enjoy the snow this weekend. I brought them to my parents house for a visit and was reminded of playing in the snow when I was kid. My brother would pull me around the house for hours on a sled. Making snow angels, the smell of snow, the crisp cool air when you first step out of the door after sweating from taking so long to get bundled up, and the taste of the snow…yes, I tasted the snow yesterday for the first time in decades. Snow was a major part of the boys diet yesterday as much as I was sounding like my mother yesterday…”it’s dirty!” They truly enjoyed it.

we LOVE eating snow!

I went back inside to warm up while they played on the deck. I watched them through the glass doors while they played then I heard the bang and the laughter. A familiar sound to me from when I was kid, but now I was on the other side of the glass. They were throwing snowballs at me (well at the door). The delight! They found it absolutely hysterical. They kept going and going till it was dark outside.

Mom is under attack

The door was covered with snow and smiles covered their cold rosy faces. What a wonderful snow day.

6 thoughts on “A Snow Day

  1. It’s nice to read about the youthful joy following the first snow fall. Being from the frozen north, unfortunately that joy quickly turns to grumbles. This year we have been fortunate to have surprisingly mild weather with a Christmas that was almost more brown than white. It will make for a much shorter season – I hope. Anyway, I am happy to know that snow can still bring such fun. 🙂

  2. The only way we get to experience snow is by driving to it & the boys have never experienced it yet. So last Fall I planned ahead & bought snow bibs and sleds so we’d be ready when there was a storm that brought snow to the surrounding area. Wouldn’t you know it, we’ve had a dry winter – no snow around here unless I want to drive a few hours out. Um, yeah, no. Now I’m hoping the snow bibs will fit in a year’s time!! :/

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