In Need Of Household Changes

Things have seemed to have gotten a little out of hand in the house where the boys are concerned. It seems like everyone has forgotten their responsibilities. The boys are small; 6, 4 and soon-to-be 3, but there are still plenty of things they are capable of doing around the house. A couple of years ago I made chore charts and they seemed to work really well. If you got twenty-five stickers you could get a few dollars to save, or as Logan would always want to do…buy a little animal toy at the grocery store. A small token of appreciation and a good way to build up self-esteem and teach them responsibility. The problem is ME. I got lax. I got into my standard “do it myself” mode. It would take me five minutes to clean up something that would take them a supervised half hour. Do you ever do all the clean-up just to save time? I need to have a little family meeting to refresh their memories on what their responsibilities are.

To my Dear Boys:

First and foremost, when you come in the door your coat goes on the hook, shoes in the shoe-tray, and hats and mittens in the basket. A simple task…which you must constantly be reminded to do (truthfully Deacon is pretty good about this). Your shoes do not belong in the middle of the dining room, in front of the toilet, or on my bed.

Make sure you flush the toilet and turn out the light. Must you be reminded EVERY TIME!? Remember the book we read about saving the polar bears and the environment? Conserve energy, but still flush…no convervation needed there.

Put your plates, bowls, utensils, and cups in the sink. You seem to forget that this rule does not just apply to dinner time. It applies to breakfast, lunch, and snack as well. I hate finding bowls under the couch! If I find one more popsicle stick stuck to any surface in our home I’m going to go bananas!

A newer one which I think we have done a total fo 5 times: put your laundry away. One of those things that needs supervision…easier to do myself, BUT it’s a must learn to do independently chore.

PICK UP YOUR TOYS – The dogs eat them and you cry! You STILL leave them all over the place. Please learn your lesson. I’m not buying you anymore to replace them. I have done my best to make things organized so you know that every toy has a home. And WHY does Aniken keep ending up in my bag?

Make an attempt to make your bed when you get out of it in the morning. As a matter a fact you can make my bed too seeing you little monkeys mess it up within 3 minutes of me making it.

Oh, and I think you forgot that your clothes go in the hamper. You’re great at doing this at bath time, but if you get changed anywhere else in the house the clothes end up on the floor, the beds, the couch. I have put out three hampers for a reason, use them.



So this mommy is making new chore charts and having a family meeting. We need to get back on track and I know I am to blame. I am the parent and I need to keep on teaching them responsibility. I curse my absolutely wonderful mother-in-law for having done EVERYTHING for her baby boy. I know, I know…he had asthma, but he still managed to carry buckets of dirt up the stairs and create an entire land in his drawers for his G.I. Joes. I think he was capable of using a hamper. My boys will be taught to take care of themselves and their things…and they’ll make some very lucky lady happy some day. For now, they can just make this mommy happy.

So how lax are you on chores in your house? What responsibilities do your kids have?

11 thoughts on “In Need Of Household Changes

  1. I can totally relate! Maybe when you have your family meeting, read them the Berenstein Bears and the Messy Room. It might help make your point. Mind you, even I have trouble keeping things tidy around here and all my kids are grown-ups, now!

  2. Man do I live this life everyday. It really is worth making them do things themselves though. It never feels like it will be worth it in the moment but in the long run it really is! I have my kids trained (for the most part) to put their clothes in the laundry room in baskets. The bathroom issues are another story. Please share if you find something that actually works 🙁

  3. You’re right about doing it faster yourself! The parent’s version of “penny wise, pound foolish”. I finally just made myself let the kids do stuff, and lo and behold, they got faster. Good luck at your family meeting. 🙂

  4. OMG! I have been finding pencils, pens and scissors EVERYWHERE in my house lately. The lil darlings come home from school, do homework and leave them where they used them. I finally lost it. I told them if they don’t start putting those items away, I’m going to put them ALL away and they have to pay me to use one! I’m fed up!

  5. I’m impressed! I’ve yet to really enforce chores on my kids :/ I would love a copy of your chore chart so I could see an example!! And I really love the sticker plan & the reward after – great idea!

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