The Bug

There is a crazy little stomach bug going around and of course it has attacked our house like I am sure it has attacked yours. It started with the 4-year old. I thought for sure it would hit the other two the next night. What’s a mom to do? Pile them all into my bed so I am there immediately when the puke goes flying. Being prepared with a bucket, towels, and fresh jammies an arms reach away. All this preparation and then nothing. I thought FOR SURE it would hit the other two. I waited up all night long. I barely  slept. Every time one of them stirred I was ready. Nothing.

It’s like a game of Russian Roulette. The stress and anticipation. Who will get out unscathed? I was the next to go down. Making it 2 out of 5. Only a  matter of time I say to myself. And then nothing. They still haven’t gotten it. Is it possible that it will actually pass them by without so much as stomach cramp? The next two to go down weren’t even human, both dogs seemed to have gotten a touch of the bug. Needless to say my house STINKS! The boys are getting a kick out of it. I was sitting with Logan as he was filling out his valentines for his classmates this evening and Avery gassed and it was loud for a dog. The laughter…and then the stench. Logan decided he would finish his valentines later and immediately left the room. I feel bad for the four-legged babies, they’re miserable.

Now that I have put the kids to bed I still can’t help but anticipate another restless night ahead of me. EVERYONE has gotten this bug and I have three soldiers still standing. Will they get hit or will they make it out of the nastiness unscathed? I find myself sitting up waiting for it all to go down. I probably just jinxed myself.

6 thoughts on “The Bug

  1. Kevin Sr. and Riley (the baby) managed to dodge the bullet too- somehow, but I feel like you do- I’m just WAITING! 3 out of 5 got hit… and HARD! That was a rough one! Good luck to you that it’s out of your house and keep your fingers crossed for us:) -Robin

  2. The stomach bug has hit our house too! But for some reason only I’ve caught it! Both hubby & toddler have remain unscathed but I was throwing up for 36 hours. Yuck! Hope your little ones continue to remain healthy – fingers crossed!

  3. You have my sympathy! The stomach flu is the worst, as far as I’m concerned. I think I’d take my bronchitis over that! Hope the others manage to avoid it and you and the others get better soon.

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