Friday Night, Movie Night

My boys always look forward to Friday. I often get, “how many more sleeps till it’s Friday?” Friday morning is the only morning that they jump out of bed with absolute enthusiasm and I don’t have to nag them to get ready for school. They know that if they don’t listen they don’t get their oh so coveted Movie Night. We pull out the full-size mattress and put it in the TV room, they gather their blankets and pillows, and I make popcorn. Sounds like a wonderful evening, right? Sometimes…

Movie Night is great when they can agree on a movie to watch without arguing, without tears, and without taking a half an hour.

Movie Night is great they all settle in, stop horsing around, and watch the movie.

Movie Night is great when Finnegan actually sits through the entire movie.

Movie Night is great when they are so engrossed in movie that they don’t keep asking for refills of their drink and their popcorn. I can’t stand it when I go downstairs to refill a bowl and then as soon as I get back to the movie I’m asked by the other child for a refill. Why couldn’t you just ask me when I went down the first time? Mommy turns into a butler, well that’s often the case any given day I guess.

The major problem is getting them to agree on a movie. Deacon likes action and conflict. He loves bad guys, which kind of makes me uneasy. Logan can’t stand anything remotely scary. He’s petrified of the monkey in Toy Story 3.  Seriously, what kid doesn’t like Toy Story!? Among his list of “will not watch” movies: Despicable Me, Area 51, Megamind, The Bee Movie. Needless to say we often have issues finding something to watch. What I HAVE discovered is they all love anything Tom & Jerry and The Chipmunks. I was in desperate need of finding something different last Friday. I think we are all getting tired with the same “agreeable” movies we have. My husband and I had taken them to the theater to see Chipwrecked and they all loved it, so I figured I would get the old 80’s cartoon The Chipmunks. Saving Grace is all I can say. They all LOVE it! Score one for this mama. There were seriously entranced.

We’re running out of movies. What movies do you love? We’re taking suggestions!

13 thoughts on “Friday Night, Movie Night

  1. Mine can never, ever agree on what to watch, either. We’ve had to make them take turns. Every other week they can choose. Which backfires when the oldest decides to opt out because she’s just not interested in Star Wars for the 47th time.

  2. We love movie nights and family date nights. It is such a great thing to look forward to during a long week and it is nice to let the kids input what they want to watch or do. We all have had to compromise but it is nice to be there with each other!

  3. These are so my kids!!! Kid #2 is Scared of the dog in you story 1 and the monkey in 3. Scared of Despicable Me and Megamind. I know every word of both Chipmunk movies by heart and have developed a crush on Jason Lee.

  4. Our movie night rule is, Mom picks two movies she can stand, and the kids vote on one of them. That way I don’t get stuck watching drek 🙂 tonite we did Kung Fu Panda. Last week we watched Wall-E. Love movie night!

  5. What about the older Disney flicks? My boys love The Incredibles, Dumbo, Star Wars, Mary Poppins. What if you had a method of choosing the movie either Thursday night or Friday morning? I love the mattress idea!

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