Let’s Have A Party!

During movie night on Friday the boys suggested we have a “night party.” A Night Party? I was a little bit confused. What did they mean by a “night party?” “You know Mom, when we get glow sticks and balloons and play hide-n-seek in the dark, silly!” It was an idea…a GREAT idea.  We hadn’t done anything like that in a while, but Friday night was just not the night for it. I was exhausted, but they did get me thinking. Why not have a party? A family Valentines party! How fun would that be? So I bargained with them. If they went to bed like good boys we would go out in the morning and get some party stuff! Saturday morning our adventure began gathering our party supplies.

We planned a Valentines dinner inspired by Lady and the Tramp…spaghetti and meatballs. The boys set the table…

And what is a party without cupcakes? This is pretty much what they had been waiting for the moment I got back from the grocery store. They needed a sugar high in order to get through the night’s festivities.


The sugar entered the blood stream and they were rearing to go!! First, balloons filled with glow sticks. Always a fun activity. We jumped around, danced, and did kung-fu moves.

We then spent an hour playing hide-n-seek in the dark. We truly had a lot of fun. I asked them if this is what they meant by a “night party.” “Yeah! this is the best night party EVER!!” they exclaimed. By 8:30 I thought my husband and I were both going to just fall over. Maybe we should have had cupcakes too. It was nice to do something different for a change and make the night special. I was told it was the most “spectacular Lovinstine party ever.” What a great idea. What are you doing for “Lovinstine” Day?