Typical Boys

Our typical Sunday in a nutshell…

Arguing over who gets which life saber.

Playing quietly together until the little guy hurts somebody.


Requests to play video games. Requests for more time to play video games. Arguing with each other on where to go in said video game.

Explaining for the tenth time that they need to play with the toys they got from Christmas. No screens necessary.

Makings beds for the fourth time.

Reminding them to clean up their toys. Thus arguing who played with what.

Arguing over which movie we watch for rest time.

Drum playing…

Mommy being the belly-eating monster.

Fighting over bath toys.

Lots of fun, but I still watch the clock till the Kids Go To Bed! Please pass the asprin and a glass of wine.

5 thoughts on “Typical Boys

  1. hi ! Just doing some blog meandering and came across you – very amusing & love the artwork at the top ! Oh, thought I’d mention (before your kids roll their eyes and correct you ) its a “light” saber – as they get older, you’ll need to know this stuff. May I suggest you start now, getting up to speed on Hobbits and Harry Potter….. 😉

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