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I Don’t Care What You Say; It Makes Me HAPPY!

Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, the first wave of the feminist movement, would be disappointed in me. Oh well, I truly don’t care. I have my vices: coffee, wine, avocados, sushi, and the smell of Waterbabies lotion. I love these things. Other things I love…things that clean stuff! I get giddy. When I get a new product or cleaning device I am seriously excited. It’s better than unwrapping a new cashmere sweater. If my husband came home and gave me a bouquet of Magic Erasers, I’d be happy. I love those things!

I have had an exciting cleaning gadget week. First off, I went and bought myself a new steam mop. My old one broke months ago and OH how I have missed it. It’s so quick and easy, and chemical free. What is not to love about that? No nasty bucket of water to cart around from room to room. No sponge embedded with tiny dog hairs that needs to be replaced by a new one after every wash (which I do weekly). Just throw the pad in the wash and we’re good to go again.

Second, my brother-in-law stopped by our house last week to give us  Kirby vacuum demonstration. I haven’t seen a Kirby vacuum since I was in high school and my brother took on the endeavor of selling them for about a week. The thing is just sick, but I can’t justify spending that kind of money on a vacuum just yet. Although, my brother-in-law can demonstrate numerous reasons WHY and HOW it would save us money in the long run through carpeting, electronics, mattresses, etc. I’m in love. It found all sorts of grossness in my house. I could easily become obsessed with it. I could play with thing for days. Every surface, every crevis. From sucking up dust, to shampooing, to un-clogging drains! Why do I get excited about these things?

Please say I am not the only one in love with cleaning gadgets. There must be other woman out there that get excited about a vacuum or the like? Anyone? Again, I’m just a Monica Gellar.

13 thoughts on “I Don’t Care What You Say; It Makes Me HAPPY!

  1. I am with you! I Have been *begging* for a new vacuum for the last three Christmases. Not even an expensive one, a fairly priced Electrolux (the Brand I grew up with-and my Nana swore by) And every Christmas I am disappointed that there is no vacuum under the tree (I think my husband has been brainwashed by those who think vacuums, washing machines and treadmills are bad gifts)

    I’ll be even more honest. I want to vacuum my house in red heels and a 50’s style dress and apron. Sorry Ms. Stanton & Ms. Anthony, but I like my “role” as housewife haha

    1. Hi, this is Mark Davis, a friend of your mother who just shared this fabulous website with me! We are expecting our first in August, and really love the suggestions you have shared.

      I couldn’t resist saying that I too have a passion for cleaning. Your old classmate Nahum is preparing to move and called me in for the task of getting the house in order. I had my little tool kit of sanitizers and brushes ready to go. What I forgot to bring, was my Shark, because everyone who has one knows the joy of steam. It even feels good on the ol’ toes in a Winter’s cleaning day!

      I recommend picking up a Scunci Steam 900 (Amazon has it for $35) which let’s you blast steam and also use it for clothes and curtains. You know the grout we all hate to scrub? Try hitting it with this thing and you can feel the stress melting away. Wish you all the best and I’ll be reading….

  2. You are not the only one….I LOOOOOOVE shopping for cleaning gadgets….I even get a little excited when I have to replenish the cleaning supplies!!!! LOL! When we had to get a new vacuum, I was ecstatic, my husband thought I was nuts, but hey, it cleans the carpet HE walks on! My parents have this awesome shampooer. When we moved, I used it on our last “clean through” I was beyond excited………so my point is, NO, you are not the only one…..maybe we are just the only 2 😉

  3. You’re not alone! I was ecstatic when we moved to this house and discovered it had whole house built in vacuum, including a dust pan feature in the kickboard of the kitchen cabinets. I think I vacuumed and swept almost every day the first week!

  4. I have my sights set on a new vacuum. Mine just plain sucks because it doesn’t. I walk around with the hose attachment trying to suck up visible dirt because the main part of the vacuum won’t pick up sock lint off my carpet. Either someone is going to have to stop wearing black socks to work every day, or someone is going to have to buy me an expensive vacuum cleaner that works! When I get it, I will vacuum anything that doesn’t move.

  5. We are a loyal Dyson household. However, my husband likes our vacuum cleaner more than I do. He’s an industrial designer and he can go on and on about it’s form, function and engineering. No, he’s not employed by the company but it would be his dream job!

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