Finnegan’s Third Birthday Party

Finnegan loves fishing so I decided to give him a “fishing” birthday party. We usually do our parties quick and simple. My husband’s siblings and their kids come over, along with the god parents, and our parents. Finn’s party went well and I thank Pinterest for the wonderful ideas.

We had ” Bait” for the kids goodie bags, complete with gummy worms and Swedish Fish.

Logan and I decorated. Logan made a ton of paper fish for his brother’s party and I put some photos together of the birthday boy.

And who could resist cupcakes with blue frosting and topped with a fishing pole holding a Swedish Fish! Needless to say, my little fisherman was a very happy boy on his happy birthday.

8 thoughts on “Finnegan’s Third Birthday Party

  1. I love this idea! Ian (turning 4 April 1st) also loves fishing and dinos so it is a toss up. Every time I ask the kid what kind of birthday party he wants it changes and it makes me crazy. Pretty sure I could talk him into this one with no going back. Thanks for the idea 😉 Hope you don’t mind if I steal it!

    1. Take it and run with it. We had so much fun and it was really easy. God help me if I ever have to throw another dinosaur party…I think we have done four of them!…which made this one all the more fun 🙂

  2. What a great idea for the goodie bags! I loved the collage on the fishing net and the cupcakes looked awesome! I used to love theme parties when my kids were little. Once, I even went so far as to make fishing poles, a cardboard ‘pond’ and paper-clipped fish that would attach to the magnetic ‘hooks’ at the ends of the poles. However, I didn’t think so far ahead as to make the decorations and goodie bags coordinate with the theme. Well done!

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