Words I Will Miss

I love hearing my kids talk and pronounce things. As they get older they start saying things correctly and you forget all about their mixed up syllables. I love looking back at old videos and hearing those tiny little voices. Here’s a little list of things they still say and I know I am going to miss terribly when they finally start saying them correctly.

  • Buh-cole (Nicole)
  • The American Falcon (The Millenium Falcon)
  • Lovinstine Day (Valentines Day)
  • Ayaphant (elephant)
  • Ammimal (animal)
  • Darf Vader (Darth Vader)
  • Deaton (Deacon)

These are all words that no matter how many times I give them the correct pronunciation, they still say it the same each time. Funny that they can pronounce Archaeopteryx, Coelophysis, and General Grievous just fine, but no matter how much I try correcting the word “animal” it still comes out “ammimal.” To top it off Logan INSISTS Dragon should start with a “J.” Hearing him trying to say with a strong “D” is rather comical DahRagon. It’s like he has a brogue. I am going to have to record all of these before it all ends.

What are some of your favorite words your kids try to say?

20 thoughts on “Words I Will Miss

  1. Puter = computer
    pasagna = lasagna
    ashey = ashley
    sketti = spaghetti

    I still catch myself sometimes using the old words. If I don’t say them out loud, I at least say them in my mind with a smile 🙂

    My favorite was when my twins were about 4-6 yrs old, they had a bronx accent. I don’t know where it came from but I absolutely loved it! I have a video of one of my girls singing pledge of allegiance with her bronx accent.

    I’m with you, I miss the simpler times when they cuddled up to mom and only we knew how to translate their words for others. Now I’m the out of date/uncool mom! LOL!

  2. I love their special mispronunciations. Two of mine have outgrown them (and #3 doesn’t have them yet!) but my all time favorite was Pim-Chan-Zee (chimpanzee). My son used that one for years. 🙂

  3. Hammer Cheese Samich = Ham and Cheese Sandwich
    Pampake = Pancake
    Dada = Mommy (I still don’t get that one but my son refuses to call me mommy)
    Peese = Please

    These are just some of my favorites that I will miss however,.I’ll rejoice when my son finally starts calling me mommy because I’m tired of being called Da da.

  4. My son always wanted to go to the “Bee-ater” (Theater) and my daughter, yes, my 17 year old daughter still says “Paint Nolish” instead of Nail Polish. When she’s a rich and famous singer ( she plans on having her own line of “paint nolish”… I love it! 🙂

  5. When he was around 18 months, my son used to say “ah snee” for ice-cream. He said it in this really nasally and weird way so letters cannot do it justice (it really can’t be spelled). It was as if he was speaking another language. It took us a long time to realize that he was trying to say ice-cream. Oh, how I miss “ah snee”.

    He also said Deeda instead of Daddy. He still uses that even though he knows it is wrong. It is like his pet name for him.

    I do wish I had kept a list. He had a lot of them. Now that he is three, I see him struggling to be more perfect in his pronunciation and grammar.

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