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Road Trip – To My Brother’s House We Go…

I am over-the-moon excited right now. My parents are hitting the road to go visit my brother and my two older boys and I are going to hitch a ride and surprise him. It is perfect timing. Not only was it my niece’s birthday Tuesday, but my nephew’s birthday is Saturday and my brother’s birthday is on Monday. Talk about love, fun, and happiness!

When I think of hanging out with my brother I get giddy. I haven’t seen my brother in a year! It’s tough when you live so far apart. For the most part my brother and I have always gotten along, aside from a few brother/sister spats and trying to annoy the crap out of each other. Me pounding him with my fists while he’s defenseless because he’s laughing too hard to fight back and mocking me “baby fit, baby fit.” Good times. The four year gap between wasn’t enough to drive a distance between us. One of the most important things my brother taught me is that ALL men/boys need to be taken care of…

  • 2am grilled cheese helps prevent a hangover.
  • Reminders of Mom’s birthday…and getting the gift.
  • Sisters are for baiting worms on your hook.
  • Cover-ups so you don’t get in trouble with the parents.
  • Explaining to the neighbor that I was the only one home and we don’t own a bb gun.

My brother is one person I can totally be a geek with. I don’t even think my husband has seen my full geek-ness. My brother is the one that taught me how to punt a soccer ball WITHOUT kicking it back over my head and into my net (that was embarrassing). My brother taught me where all my parents’ christmas present hiding spots were. My brother taught me the names of all the key players in Star Wars, which has helped me be a great boy mom. He taught me to climb trees, get dirty, and if I hang upside down from the tree mom won’t make me wear dresses anymore. He made me a lover of any movie with Steven Segal, Jean Claude Van Damme, or Adam Sandler. He’s just awesome. I can’t wait to get down there and hang out, have a couple of beers, and tease mom. No one really “gets” it but my brother.

Virginia here we come. Hope my brother doesn’t read my blog…it might ruin the surprise.

10 thoughts on “Road Trip – To My Brother’s House We Go…

  1. Your blog is my dream for my children. My sister’s and I have constant drama, and I always pray that my children remain as close one day as they were when they were little… It’s my daily prayer! 🙂 Thanks for the happy post, certainly tells me my dream is a real possibility. (Growing up in dysfunction makes it hard to believe you can ever really erase it all…)

  2. Aw, I have tears. I have a sister, which is definitely nice, but seeing my son and daughter’s close relationship fills me full of hope that they will always be close, even when they grow up. I bet that is a really great gift to your mom that you guys mean so much to each other. I couldn’t imagine anything better for my kids. Hope you have a great time.

      1. My sister and I are like that with my mom, and we’re a bit tough on her too. My kids are already starting to gang up on me but so far, it’s pretty funny. I’ll never admit that to them though.

  3. Your post makes me miss mine all the more. One of my younger brothers lives all the way on the west coast (and I live in the middle of the country), so we only get to see him every 4 years or so. We do get to SKYPE with him once in awhile, usually holidays, like Christmas, but I miss seeing his girls grow up. And, yes, to a certain degree I miss him, too. He moved to the coast the same year I got married (almost 33 years ago). I always wondered if that was the reason or just because he was 18 and didn’t need our parents’ permission to get out of the house. Moments with family are precious. Savor the many precious moments you have with your brother. 🙂

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