A Boys Terrarium

Winter can be borning. Sometimes it’s just too cold to play outside. Sometimes they have had enough of the painting, Play-Doh, reading books, and baking cookies. They have had one to many dinosaur battles or rounds of pirates. Logan asked if we had a box the other day. I replied, “Sorry honey, nothing you can fit in.” “No mom, not for me, for my reptiles. I want to make a terrarium.” Where he got the idea, I don’t know. Probably from watching Dino Dan or something. I grabbed a copy paper box and he went to town. He gathered his paper, scissors, markers, and of course some fake reptiles.

I was in awe over his creativity. He spent about an hour on his creation and he is so proud of it.

So grab a box and some paper and markers and let thoseĀ little minds create. He wants to build another one of course….now where the hell am I going to put these things?