A Boys Terrarium

Winter can be borning. Sometimes it’s just too cold to play outside. Sometimes they have had enough of the painting, Play-Doh, reading books, and baking cookies. They have had one to many dinosaur battles or rounds of pirates. Logan asked if we had a box the other day. I replied, “Sorry honey, nothing you can fit in.” “No mom, not for me, for my reptiles. I want to make a terrarium.” Where he got the idea, I don’t know. Probably from watching Dino Dan or something. I grabbed a copy paper box and he went to town. He gathered his paper, scissors, markers, and of course some fake reptiles.

I was in awe over his creativity. He spent about an hour on his creation and he is so proud of it.

So grab a box and some paper and markers and let those little minds create. He wants to build another one of course….now where the hell am I going to put these things?

10 thoughts on “A Boys Terrarium

  1. I love it! My 8 year old is a little artist… I finally had to just start scanning in his art because I was running out of places to keep the 8 million pages he has colored or painted…. Let him build all the terrariums he wants to. When you have too many, just let him give them away to his friends as little gifts! 🙂

  2. It looks great! I need to get Johnny to make one without it having to be a class assignment. But first, make-up homework for his three sick days this week. : (

  3. He did a marvelous job! My kids brought home many ‘dioramas’ from school projects, very similar to your son’s. We were able to display them for awhile, then either put them in the storage room to save until they no longer had any sentimental value, or it was discarded after a few weeks, with their permission, of course. I still have a couple of their best ones safely stored away for them to view when feeling a little nostalgic. 🙂

  4. WOW – that is so great!! Creative, he came up with the idea without a suggestion from you, he stuck with it for an hour – that is impressive!!

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