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The Bookshelf #13 – Think of Those In Need

It’s spring cleaning time! One of the things I always do around this time is go through all the clothes, the toys, the linens, and the rest of the crap we have accumulated and see what I can get rid of. Now that the boys are getting a bit holder I want them to help and to understand what it is I’m doing. We did the toy shuffle before Christmas and went through the toys and got rid of a few. However, there are always more things we can find that we can do without. We have books, movies, games, and puzzles that we never use anymore and I am sure some other child would enjoy them.

So back to the bookshelf for a lesson to learn. Tonight we read The Berenstain Bears Think of Those In Need. I can’t stress enough how much I love the Berenstain Bears. They take great life lessons and make them relatable for our kids. This book  focuses on STUFF, STUFF, and MORE STUFF! Why do we all have the need to have so much STUFF? This book shows the kids that even moms and dads have too much stuff, and there are so many others out there with very little. One unplayed with puzzle could mean the world to a little boy or girl. So this weekend we’ll be going through our abundance of stuff and hopefully making someone elses day brighter.

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