Yes, Master Mom

The past few weeks have been crazy for the kids. Mainly, our typical schedule has been disrupted for weeks. First we had February vacation. Daddy was home with the boys so there was a ton of fort building, sword fighting, and extended chatter time at night. More movie nights than usual, aka late nights with snacks and the mattress on the living room floor. No matter what time they go to bed they wake up around the same time each morning. Then school started again and we had to adjust and get back into our routine. Bath, teeth, books, bed. Homework. Tears. Nastiness. This right here landed the boys nearly toy-free. Mom had reached her limit and took away all the boxes and bins of toys, aside from Finn’s trains and cars because he really wasn’t the problem. The boys were down to playing with stuffed animals. Mommy meant business.

Then it was off for an 11 hour drive to Virginia with the two older boys. A well needed visit to my brother. This got them out of the routine we just began to get back into. Late nights, tons of fun and excitement, and early mornings. Then back to school and utter foul moods again. I really, really needed to get them back to their regular schedule. Mommy has been pretty strict. Now the boys are on a mission to earn their toys back. Mommy is not putting up with whining, arguing, and talking back. Logan is now calling me “Master Mom.” I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Am I being so awful that I’m like a drill sergeant, or is he just being a little respectful kiss-ass, which he is pretty darn good at? I wonder where he gets that from….Daddy.

Me: “Did you brush your teeth?”

Logan: “Yes, Master Mom!”

Me: “Make sure you share that with your brother.”

Logan: “Yes Sir!, I mean yes, Master Mom.”

Me: “Boys! For the third time…COATS NOW. Hut, Two, Three, Four!”

Logan: “Okay, Master Mom!”

I should probably be super happy about this, but I’m wondering if I’m being more like a warden than a mommy? However, we need to get back to our schedule. We need our daily/nightly routines. Daylight savings time didn’t help this weekend either. They were awful to drag out of bed this morning, but I’m sure if today was Saturday they would have been bright-eyed and bushy-tailed before 7. We’re all just way too tired. Master Mom and the troops need a recooperating nap.

7 thoughts on “Yes, Master Mom

  1. Thanks for a great read Sheri.

    As I read more and more family / parenting blogs, its easy to see that no matter where we are in the world, we all have fundamental similarities when it comes to parenting! Keep up the good work and don’t give in!


  2. Once you get back into a workable routine, you will find the stressors become less, you all will be less grumpy and the kids can enjoy their time with you more. It may seem tough now, but it will get easier. 🙂

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