The Stealth Toddler

The little man has been very tough to get down at night lately. It’s making me a little batty. Now I’m pretty used to him ending up in my bed at some point in the middle of the night. We had a miraculous event last week where he actually spent the entire night in his own bed. Whoo hoo! I almost called the local newspaper to report the monumental occasion.

Monday night when I put the boys to bed he cried and cried. “I want mommy’s bed.” Well that wasn’t going to happen. So he cried, and cried some more. I eventually laid in his bed for a little while…falling asleep myself. Oops. So last night it was the same little tantrum. I gave him a VERY stern “No!” and left the room. He of course cried. Tough love.

I went downstairs and started cleaning the kitchen. Suddenly the crying stopped. VICTORY I cheered. I uncorked the wine, poured myself a glass, and went to my room to get some comfy clothes. To my surprise my bed was not empty. There in the big bed was a tiny, sleeping, little Finnegan and one of the dogs. The little bugger stopped his crying and took what he wanted…my bed! A covert operation to get his way, and he was stealth. I never even heard the pitter-patter of little feet passing the kitchen doorway. I didn’t even have the heart to remove the little stinker, he looked so peaceful. But I’ll tell you one thing…tonight it’s on. I’m thinking motion-sensor cameras…or just guarding his bedroom door.

10 thoughts on “The Stealth Toddler

  1. I have totally been here! My son, Luke aka Squishy, would do the exact same thing. We ended up calling him Luke Nightwalker. I completely feel your pain. Wine always helps! 😉

  2. It’s hard to be tough when they’re so cute! Keep up the good work though…you need a good night’s sleep too so you can be Mom-fabulous! When I started ‘sleep training’ my daughter it was exhausting because I had to keep getting up and leading her back to her bed- several times a night. It eventually worked though and the short term-effort/exhaustion was worth the long term undisrupted sleep I got.

    1. That worked great for me with the first one. The second and third not so much. I recall my oldest mumbling in his sleep “Mommy just make him stop crying” The oldest is my BEST sleeper. Maybe I’ll sleep again…some day. A mommy can dream, right?

  3. Ha! Kids are so damn smart and incredibly quiet when they want to be. I hope you have a weekend filled with, I mean void of little stinkers in your bed.

    PS – he pretty much looks like an angel here 😉

  4. My littlest is so stealth these days that I don’t even notice him in my bed until the morning! I have no idea when he gets into the bed, which kind of freaks me out a bit, but then I get even more frustrated because I can’t create the “new” routine of him staying in his bed if I don’t even notice that he’s out of it!! I honestly can’t remember the last time L stayed in his bed the entire night. :/

    1. Every once in a while, when the moon and air are just right, he sleeps all night in his bed. The last time I think was a couple of months ago. One full night of not getting slapped or kicked by little hands and feet. A distant memory.

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