Who’s Lucky?

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I was going to write about why I feel lucky in life, but then I realized that the one’s who should be feeling lucky are my little boys. LUCKY THEY’RE SO STINKING CUTE!

This was the scene when I came up the stairs.

And what mess of toys is complete without a fort…

All in a matter of 30 minutes. They’re good. So when confronted about the mess… “Who made this mess!?” I exclaimed.

I was told it was the Leprechaun. Lucky. Lucky they are so darn cute! Now I’m just waiting for the Easter Bunny to show up and clean this disaster.

4 thoughts on “Who’s Lucky?

  1. Ah, yes, I remember how quickly kids can empty the toy box! Good luck getting the Easter Bunny to help clean it up! Maybe you’ll need to make the boys honorary Easter Bunnies! 🙂

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