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Bring on More Mommy Guilt

Just pile it on I’m used to it by now. Being a working mom can really take a toll on your heart. Unfortunately it is absolutely necessary that I work full-time to make ends meet. If I could have it any other way I would. But this is just my life for now. I pack them up, ship them out, and head to the office. It doesn’t just make me sad, but it makes my boys sad too, and THAT is just unbearable. I’m used to the “can’t we just stay home and play today?” thing. I’m used to saying, “No, honey Poppy is bringing you to school today.” I’ve grown accustom to this…they’re weekly statements. But Deacon really hit me with the Mommy Guilt today. The guilt where you’re nearly brought to tears.

I had to pick him up at pre-school today. I need to leave the office at 11:15, pick him up, bring him to my mother-in-law, and hope the 11 traffic lights from my in-laws to work are mostly green in order to make it back in 45 minutes. I’m not Samantha from Bewitched. I can’t just wiggle my nose and automatically be where I need to be. We’re on the clock. We get buckled up in the car and he says, “Mom, the other kids moms come and stay at school some days, I want you to do that. You NEVER do that. You’re the only one.” in his cute little pouty voice. Now I’m sure I am not the ONLY one, but I do know that most of the parents do co-op. There is a parent there everyday to help out. I’m just NOT one of those parents because I work full-time. Well he just nearly broke my heart. I would LOVE to be in school with him. Now I’m getting all teary again. I had to explain again, as best you can to a 4-year old, that Mommy has to work everyday to pay for all the things we need.

Deacon didn’t stop here today with the Mommy Guilt. He piled it on again with “Can’t we just go home and play outside. I want to ride my bike.” Sorry buddy. Again explaining that Mommy had to get back to work, but he would have fun at Mema and Pop’s. Another sad face that could just punch you full force in the gutt.

Then of course on the way to Mema and Pop’s we passed Del’s Lemonade and he asks if we can stop and get some frozen lemonade. I look at the clock…I just don’t have time, and again break the bad news that I have to be at work. It just plain SUCKS. No other word for it.

So what is this guilty mommy to do when she picks up the kids after work? Get frozen lemonade before going home to make dinner. Ahhh. Happiness.


17 thoughts on “Bring on More Mommy Guilt

  1. Aww…I can’t fully say I understand. I only work part time, which sometimes seems like full time with at home projects, but I can understand up to a point. It sucks not being able to do certain things with your children, especially at the school age. Of course the economy doesn’t help any with the cause, like you said, if we had the choice, we WOULD be a mom that could stay, but alas, we can’t. When the little ones get older they will understand better and appreciate all you (and I) do to give them a great life. Days like this are hard, but you made the most of it and ended it on a high note….GOOD JOB MOMMA!! Hang in there….us working mom’s have to stick together!!

  2. It’s too bad the economy is in such a state that it forces mothers to work in order to make ends meet. I know there are moms out there who think work is a relief so they don’t have to deal with their kids, which I think is horrible. Why did they have kids in the first place? What breaks my heart are the moms like you who hate leaving their kids at daycare or with grandparents because they really need to work. You seem to be trying your best to give them everything they need and their time with you is really quality time. Those will be special memories for them. They will remember the good times because you are with them. Don’t beat yourself up over things that are out of your control. 🙂

  3. The kids will remember the time you stopped for frozen lemonade BEFORE dinner, and that makes you the coolest mom ever in their eyes. It’s the little things. Do what the other moms don’t do. ; )

  4. I hate not being home too, Sheri. I leave around 8 a.m. and don’t get home until almost 6 every night. I think part – time work would be great. Full time at home sounds nice, but after awhile I would need adult social time 🙂

  5. Maybe you could squeeze a long lunch in one day and make it into a partial visit at school? It would certainly be just as cool to him! I remember the one time my mom made it, it stands out in my memories even now… I totally feel your pain here. When my oldest two were little, I was the stay-at-home mom who did the whole room-mother thing… now I am the working mom and my youngest son always asks why I’m not his room mom, and the 4 we are adopting always want me to come to their class too, and it’s like there is just never enough time. But I try to visit each one of them at school at least once in the school year, even if it’s just 30 mins, they never remember how much time you spent there, only that you came!

  6. Frozen lemonades always make everyone happy! I have had a few tastes of the mommy guilt this week, too. I ended up taking them to Dairy Queen last night. A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do! 🙂

  7. I couldn’t help out with my kids’ stuff because I can’t find daytime babysitting for all my babies. So even stay-at-home moms get it, too! Don’t get discouraged. Like the other commenters have said, when they grow up they’ll remember all you did for them and appreciate it. ( Well, at least we hope…;-))

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