The 4 Year Olds Idea of Show and Tell

All kids get excited when it’s their turn for show and tell at school. I remember we would mark the calendar for Logan and he would count down the days till he was the Super Star Student of the day. He brought an array of different things. His favorite dinosaur stuffed animal, fossils (rocks from the backyard), and I think he even took his Imaginext pirate ship he got for his birthday. This year Deacon is in pre-school and he gets just as excited for his turn. He always tells me he is the Super Star Student after Tyler’s turn. This year I learned something new about show and tell from my 4-year-old. I always thought that show and tell was for bringing in something to school and sharing the story that goes along with it. Apparently this mommy has it TOTALLY wrong. Show and tell is about bringing something to school that “does something.”

Deacon has had show and tell three times this year. He anticipates for weeks so you would think he would know EXACTLY what he wanted to bring to school when his turn came up. His favorite toy at the moment maybe…nope. He is always looking for something that “does something.” The first time he said this I didn’t really get the concept “does something.” Then he grabbed his brother’s toy Cruncher and I figured it out. It HAD to be something that moved and made noise. Batteries included basically. So instead of bringing one of his own toys to show and tell he chose his brother’s toy because, honestly, it does put on quite a show.

I figured it was his first show and tell and he just really wanted to get the crowd going. But then his second show and tell came upon us. He really, really wanted to bring his Lego Star Wars video game and the Play Station console. Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen. So in his big brother’s footsteps he brought the Imaginext pirate ship. Another one of his brother’s toys. I was truly not understanding this. It’s show and tell! Show and tell about YOU, not your brother. But still, it’s his choice.

This week he had show and tell again. All he wanted to bring was light sabers…a definite NO. No weapons kid. So he decided on the Imaginext squid that crawls across the floor. A very cool little toy, but he barely ever plays with it. It says nothing about him and his likes and interests. I asked if he wanted to take the new fish he got from Cabela’s during our trip to Virginia. He could tell his class about his trip. Another fail for mommy. I just don’t get it. “But it doesn’t do anything Mom!” So for show and tell he’s been bringing in his brother’s things that really have no story behind them except that his brother got them for his birthday. Oh well, it makes him smile. According to him, his teacher and classmates think “they’re great!” Mommy now knows that show and tell is for all things…batteries included.

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  1. I wanted to tell you, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award because reading your blog always makes me smile and remember when my kids were little. 🙂

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