A Day In The Dirt

I’m sorry I don’t really post anything on the weekends. I’ll try to get better at that. My weekends are spent with my boys. My mornings start early and I trek through the day trying to enjoy the laughs and squeals while getting things around the house done. When I finally reach the finish line of the day, I grab my glass of wine and snuggle with the dogs or catch up on Person of Interest with the hubs before hitting the sack. I try hard to get everything done on the weekend and spend time with the boys.  I had big plans for this weekend. I really, really wanted to get the yard cleaned up, and what boys don’t love being outside and getting dirty? So much more fun than helping mom makes beds, dust, and clean windows. We have an oak tree in our yard that doesn’t drop its leaves until spring. It’s really strange. Needless to say there was a lot to be done. OF COURSE the weather wasn’t as nice as it had been during the week while I sat inside my office but it was still okay to get outside for the day. I dont’ know why on earth I always think I can get it all done in one day. It NEVER happens…EVER.

To start, I can’t do anything until all of the dogs’ “land mines” are picked up. Second, the only one interested in helping me was Deacon and that is only because I let him use his scissors on the plants, which takes more supervision than me actually getting anything done. After a couple of hours, a few arguments to break up, one round of Mommy the Sea Monster attacking the pirate ship, snacks for the boys, and a few visitors Logan decided to help out a little…AGAIN, only because I let him  you the pruning shears. What the hell is it with boys and sharp objects that destroy things?

I got half of what I wanted to accomplish done. That’s usually how it goes and I have learned to accept it. All in all it was a great day out side and getting my hands dirty making things pretty. I absolutely love yardwork and I think it’s for that very reason. The satisfaction of making something look nice. I love during summer when I work in the yard all day, play with the kids, and then light the grill and start a fire in the fire pit. Nice warm summer nights. Unfortunately winter came back to bite us today (as I predicted) and I couldn’t finish what I started…But what’s new. I keep reminding myself that it’s only March and I’m ahead of the game. I usally don’t start yardwork until mid-April.

I wish I had pictures of the boys in action to share, but again…my hands were too dirty for a camera. Maybe next time. There is still plenty to do.

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  1. Glad you at least got out there and dug your hands in the dirt! I am sure the boys had a great weekend with you and Martin outside!

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