Our Dolphin Named “Whale”

During the, what I have dubbed, the “pre-dinosaur era” Logan took a liking to whales. I think it was from watching Go Diego, Go. He would run around the house saying “Ahoo, Ah,” trying to mimic how Diego was calling the whales to help poor Baby Humpback whale who had gotten himself into some trouble. It was seriously cute. He was about 18 months old at the time and it was the first thing he was really in to. Whales, sharks, and dolphins. His favorite movie at the time was Finding Nemo. I had never seen a child at such a young age sit through an entire movie without bouncing on the couch.

My in-laws then gave him a present that would forever be in our hearts. They gave him this stuffed dolphin. A dolphin in which Logan decided to name “whale.” Whale became Logan’s instant companion. They did everything together. I think Whale even went swimming in Uncle Jimmy’s pool once or twice. Whale took a few baths in our tub. Oh the tears and screams when I told him Whale had to sit on the shelf while he took a bath. Lord knows the stinky thing needed one too. Wherever there was Logan, there was Whale.

Whale was there to greet Baby Deacon


Whale was there to help his cousins beat up Papa


Whale was there when we were just hanging around.

We then had a brief Little Einstein craze, and then the dinosaur craze happened. Since then Whale has shared the spot light with various different dinosaurs and lizards, but none of these ever could replace Whale. They kind of get circulated after a few days.

Cera had her turn, but Whale was still there of course.

Now that Logan is a little older and his interests have a changed a bit, Whale doesn’t get so much attention. He’s been found stuck under the couch, under the bed, and in the basket of other stuffed animals. However, to my surprise when I went to make his bed the other day I found him. There in Logan’s bed where he belongs forever in my opinion. I love Whale…mostly because he’s that little piece of my toddler Logan. They outgrow things. I get it. But seeing Whale in that bed made me smile. He’s still my little boy who yells “Ahoo, Ah.”

Where he belongs

I still have my raccoon from when I was a child, “Racky.” Racky is actually in the basket of stuffed animals in the toy room. My kids have no interest in him, but he still sits there with the rest of the gang. My husband’s shark is tucked away in his drawer. Funny that we both recall the days that we got our “special stuffed animal.” What did you have as a kid? Do you still have it?

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  1. I still have my big bear my brother gave me for Christmas was I was in 3rd grade. He’s flat as can be and has had many “operations”. But he’s still in my room. And sits in the front seat everytime I move.

  2. I still have my big bear Goldie my brother gave me for Christmas when I was in 3rd grade. He’s flat as can be and has had many “operations”. But he still sits in my room and only travels in the front seat whenever I move.

  3. I still have two and one is a puppet. They still hang out in my bedroom and are great fun when friends come over with their little ones. Funny that I never named either of them…

    AHOO AH, I love that

  4. I love this! I still have a small portion of my baby blanket, both my girls have always had them……we did have one catastrophe , I took my Gilrls for a Christmas Trip to San Francisco… eldest 16-17 left her old scraggly yellow tied together crochet blankie in the bed and by the time we called, it had been thrown away, my daughter “lost it”and could not sleep for weeks……she got over it….but 5-6 years later I was at the hospital where they were having a craft faire, the auxilliary had many handcrafted items, but I became misty when I saw a yellow crochet baby blanket , in exactly the same pattern, I rushed to buy it and they asked about the baby…..I told them the whole story, “the baby is 23!”
    She said it was one of her favorite presents the following Christmas. She married a man who also kept his……they get each other….and that is neat!

  5. My son has this HUGE stuffed dog I bought for him (honestly at the local goodwill for $1) when he was about 2. He’s now ten and he takes “doggy” with him if he has any sleepovers. We’ve had several hospital stays (he has epilepsy) and he always brings “doggy” along with his baby blanket. lol!
    I did have a doll that I carried everywhere, and I still have it packed away somewhere. Other things I ended up handing down to my daughters, they were my first borns. (twins)

    But, I have to admit, I have a teddy bear I sleep with…at 34! It was from a hospital stay, my son’s first. And i had to leave him there, he was there for 2 weeks! Everyday I bought new presents for him, that damn gift shop raked in with me! I bought him this soft cuddly brown teddy bear, it was like $50! And he loved it, my and my girls would give it hugs to save for him. So that way when we were gone and it was just my son alone, he could get our hugs from the teddy bear. All was great until my aunt brought him a black teddy bear, a little bigger than mine. Which she got from the dollar store for $5….he traded in my bear. He sent me home with our bear. I still sleep with that bear. It’s been about a year and a half, and he looks older than doggy! LOL!

  6. I love this post. My oldest sleeps with a little Spongebob stuffed animal, and my youngest has a big bear. We don’t leave home without these! I had a Humpty Dumpty that went everywhere with me when I was a kid. He is in shambles now, but still has a spot in my home. My boys say, “Mom, why did you like this?” And I just smile. 🙂

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