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How Thursdays Have Changed

A little over a decade ago Thursdays were special. I was in college, which had traditionally dubbed Thursdays “Thirsty Thursday.” Thursdays, if you were responsible like I was and planned ahead, were the days that you made sure the projects and papers you had due on Friday were completed beforehand. You didn’t want to be one of those people stuck in the library on a Thursday night. After being freed from the academic responsibilities the evening would start with a few of my most favorite ladies in the world. My Endicott girls, a dorm apartment, a beer, and Friends (the TV show that is).

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We would laugh to the point of tears or almost peeing our pants before hitting the campus, backpack of beers in tow. These are some of my favorite memories. Then we graduated and things changed obviously. We moved on with our lives. We could no longer gather in front of the TV together, other than the Friends finale in which we got together and cried like our first love tore our hearts out in high school. Marriage, buying homes, kids…things change, but Thursday is still my favorite night of the week. Friends may be long gone and my girlfriends may be miles away but I found some new loves which I can still share with my lovely ladies.

Thursdays are still my night but are now more like this:

  • Pick up a bottle of wine on the way home from work.
  • The mission now, instead of papers and marketing projects, is get the kids fed, bathed, read to, and tucked in all before 7:30. This gives me 30 minutes to put Finnster back to bed twice (I think he has OCD). He gets out of bed twice every night before going to sleep.
  • Then I get my wine, my Goldfish, and it’s time for Vampire Diaries. Yes, I admit it. I am a vampire junkie, but that is for another post. The greatest part is texting my Jane at every OMG moment and trying to figure out what is going to happen next. Let’s just say I should have been a writer.
  • This is then followed by Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice in which the texting shifts to my other two lovely ladies, if they’re watching at the time. This is sometimes when I curse DVR.

So Thursdays have changed a bit but they still consist of wine, my favorite TV, and great friends. And I look forward to each and every Thursday. Even my husband knows to not bother me… it’s “MY night.” Cheers to Thursdays!

14 thoughts on “How Thursdays Have Changed

    1. When my husband is away or goes to bed early I sit and debate which Friends episode to watch. I have them all on DVD. He claims it’s stupid but every time he comes in the room and I am watching it he ends up staying for the whole episode and laughing. Same as when he told me he doesn’t like cats…he secretly wants one.

  1. Oh…how I loved Thursdays! I actually had a class in College that ended at eight. My friends and I would dash out of there and run to the closet person’s apartment so we could watch 90210. (This was even the years after Dylan was gone!) I also remember taking classes the longer classes on Tues Thursday to avoid all Friday classes so I could sleep in. Thursay nights were awesome. Now though, I can’t even stay up til 9.

  2. I love Greys Anatomy! My favorite shows are all over the week, so I take time for a chick show after my husband heads off to bed, he is and early to bed guy……thank goodness for my DVR.
    Good for you taking time…..some women never do.

  3. God, I miss those days! We did have fun Thursday nights from 800-830 before we headed out. I love how you mention me on your blog! I look forward to our texts from 800-900 texting about those vamps and occasional warewolves 🙂

  4. That is so nice that you are able to keep in touch with your friends and maintain that Thursday tradition, even from a distance. I suppose the technology of texting (which I still haven’t got the knack for) has made it all possible for you. I’m glad your hubby & kids cooperate to make it possible, too. 🙂

  5. The other day my kdis were watching FRIENDS on Nick at Nite! OMG!! When I was a kid Nick at Nite was for Mr. Ed. It stopped me in my tracks and I thought to myself, I can’t believe that’s my “childhood” on Nick at Nite! That doesn’t seem right… but as long as my kids thought it was funny and the Ode to Smelly Cat lives on!

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