A Vocabulary Parade – 1st Big School Project

When I get home from work one of the first things that I do is take Logan’s folder out of his backpack and see what he has for homework. There are ALWAYS other papers/flyers crammed into his folder. You know the stuff; PTO events, school announcements, monthly newsletters, etc. I try to make a point to go through each one. Well last week was a busy week and I just tossed them in a pile to go through later. “Later” never really happened.

When my niece was over this weekend she asked me what Logan was going to be in the Vocabulary Parade at school. What!? First thought, Vocabulary Parade, sounds stupid. Next thought, where did I put that purple piece of paper!? Third thought, I’m a bad mommy, this form was due last week!

Caislin and Logan quickly decided what he was going to be: Scales. Yes, Scales. Scales as in the flat, bony, disc type covering on certain animals such as reptiles and lizards. OF COURSE. That’s my boy! I was a little surprised that he didn’t decides on the word “fossil.”

Not only did we have to fill out the form with the word and definition, we had to make a costume for the Vocabulary Parade. This was his first big project for school. Momma had to try to get a little excited about it. Off to the store I went for supplies while Logan and my husband made the perfect “scale” to trace, over and over and over again.

Seeing both Logan and my husband get excited over the project thrilled me. We started making a ton of scales and glued them to a poster board and hoped that it would come out how we envisioned it.

Logan took his time placing the scales in the perfect spot, making a pattern. He was so happy with the final results.

For once this morning I didn’t need to tell him to get his shoes and coat on. I didn’t have to remind him to get his backpack and lunch. I didn’t have to repeat myself 30 times. He was ready and at the door 15 minutes before departure. “It starts FIRST thing in the morning Mom.” “We can’t be late like when Dad takes me to school.”

20 thoughts on “A Vocabulary Parade – 1st Big School Project

  1. That’s a pretty sweet set of scales!!

    But I love how he threw Dad under the bus… At least it wasn’t you. 🙂

  2. Ha! I love his parting comment about being late when “dad takes me to school”.

    He looks pretty darn pleased with his scales and I bet the smile on your face was even better. Such good moments right?!

  3. Oh, this made me laugh! You showed up on my Google Alert for Vocabulary Parades, as they are inspired by my book, Miss Alaineus, A Vocabulary Disaster, (which was inspired by my daughter mistaking the work “miscellaneous.” ) Please thank you son for his enthusiasm!
    Debra Frasier, Author and Illustrator

  4. My son was “Inflamed” years ago! He got sent home, as apparently he looked too much like a rock star. I thought he was cute, his hair was a perfect flame job that was blue in the center, then red, orange, and yellow. He had flamed painted on his arms and T’shirt, with a flamed cape sewn to it. Oh the vocabulary parade….

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