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The Bookshelf #19 – Books They Loved As Toddlers

There are just some books you have to read over-and-over to your little one because they just absolutely demand it. I recall the days when I had only one child, pregnant with the second one. I would read Logan roughly seven books every night before bed. He used to pick out the same ones all of the time. Here’s a few of them:

The ever so famous: Goodnight Moon Margaret Wise Brown

And then there was: Things That Go – Baby Einstein. Even though I think this one is long gone I can still remember every line.  “Some things move on legs, like the people you meet, and attached to those legs all those people have feet…”

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He also loved Five Little Monkeys With Nothing To Do -Eileen Christelow

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I miss the evenings of no arguing over which book we’re going to read. Now they each get to pick one book. Three books a night…unless someone has misbehaved. Now all I hear is…

“Awe, Deacon, not that one again.”

“Finnegan is climbing the bunk and not listening!”

“Don’t read that page!!! It’s scary!”

“It’s MY book so I get to sit on Mom’s lap!”

Oye. I know one day I’ll miss this. I keep reminding myself this.

So what were your little ones favorites that you just had to read over-and-over again?

7 thoughts on “The Bookshelf #19 – Books They Loved As Toddlers

  1. Soapfi has a board book simply titled “Vegetables” and each page is a drawing with the vegetable name. She loves this book, and can’t wait until we get to the broccoli and the pumpkins. She does not need artificial things like flimsy plots in her books!

  2. This kind of freaky book about two kittens named Pickle and Pepper has been a hit with all three of my children over the years…. it apparently has no title– when I googled it I found it called “Jumbo Animal Board Book: Kitten”. Other toddler favorites: Please Baby, Please (Spike Lee). More More More Said the Baby (Vera Williams).
    Sam is still a two-second guy when it comes to books, but he loves This Is Not My Cat by Eric Carle.

  3. Jaydon is about to turn 1 and he already has a favorite book, “Learning My Colors.” Not only will he pick it up and hand it to someone to read it to him but sometimes he will sit on the floor and look through it by himself.

  4. Monster at the end of the book…….the Lady with the Alligator Purse , the Mercer Meyer books….it is a great way to eventually teach site words, the,and is, I try and use my 100th time to teach something new…..” what’s going to happen next?” changing it up can help me cope with the repetition.

  5. We also loved Goodnight Moon. One that became an instant favorite in our house was also Where Do Balloons Go? by Jamie Lee Curtis. It is such a great book! 🙂

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