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The Bookshelf #20 – It’s Earth Day!

In honor of upcoming Earth Day, this week we are reading It’s Earth Day by Mercer Mayer. Little Critter is learning all about the environment and decides he needs to spring into action and help save the world!

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I really love this book because it made such an impression on my boys. Any time I remind my boys to turn off the light in the bathroom or to speed up their shower I get the response, “Oh yeah Mom, the polar bears. I forgot.” Yes, the polar bears. Little Critter learns about global warming while watching a film at school. The film explains to the kids that the north pole is melting. Little Critter and his pals implement a plan to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and help save the polar bears.

The book is truly engaging for the entire family. Face it, I’m sure our households could all use some tweaking in our routines to help the environment a little more. We talked about all of the things we already do to help, and we talked about things we could work on. Deacon and I were cutting up some old t-shirts the other day to use as cleaning rags…”This is recycling Mom. We’re turning it into something new.” I love it!

Have a Happy Earth Day Everyone!

10 thoughts on “The Bookshelf #20 – It’s Earth Day!

  1. I adore the Little Critter books! Even my daughter loves them, as well as the Berenstain Bears books. 🙂

      1. Same here. I need to get her more before I go mad! The Boxcar Children is a favorite too. 🙂

  2. I love this line of books. I am trying to read as many as I can with Johnny before he outgrows the series. Thanks for sharing/

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