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A Thank You To The Daddy!

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I don’t get much vacation time from work so my husband took the week out with the kids during their spring vacation from school and I am ever so thankful. It’s sad that we can’t take them on a big vacation but they made the best of their staycation. The boys were absolutely THRILLED that daddy was staying home with them, AND that mommy aka the enforcer would be at work. There was sword fighting, fort building, candy eating, and leaving messes all over (although I was lucky to come home to a clean house a few times during the week – totally unexpected sweet treat).

I asked the boys about their favorite parts of the week. Here’s the top 5.



2.) Burying Dad Under All The Blankets And Pillows

3.) Picking up Uncle Jimmy And Going To All The Waterfalls

They drove down to the southern part of Rhode Island to the Wood River and went to many little waterfalls in the area. They loved it. I was told that one of the best parts was seeing a snapping turtle. A wonderful little adventure and boy bonding. I’m jealous I missed this one.


4.) Building Forts In Every Room of the House

I was told they built a pirate cave and dad was the bad pirate that tried to take their treasure. He really is a lot of fun!

5.) Beating Up Dad

The man truly takes a beating. I came home to him bruise and scarred. Finnegan still has a thing with making you squeal with the use of his tiny hands, and he hasn’t completely learned to wield a sword gently.

So from the boys and myself, “Thank You DADDY!!!” We love you more than all the grains of sand in the sea.

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  1. It’s great that they have a Dad to do fun things like that with. Even though they don’t know it yet, he’s helping teach them how to be a good Dad.

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