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A Cluttered Head

I’ve been off my game lately. My head is cluttered. Work has been really busy. Home life has been super crazy. All of the events are starting; showers, baptisms, weddings, etc. My usual saving grace is running. The treadmill or the pavement, it doesn’t matter. Running gives me clarity. I go at my own pace. I make lists in my head. I ponder things that I’m searching for solutions to. I map out my week. It’s MY time. Time for ME. One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m a whole lot happier knowing I am doing something good for me, just for me.

I haven’t run in weeks and I feel like I’m drowning. Even making lists and marking the calendar isn’t helping me get a handle on things. I need to run, but lately can’t seem to find the time. I feel like everything is just a giant ball of chaos. There is always something that takes precedence. I’ve been at this point before. The longer I stay here the more “me” I lose. If I have to mark my run on the family calendar that’s what I’ll do. Toss away the guilt of doing something for myself. Forget the laundry, the dishes, and the toys making their way all over the house. This is my biggest challenge. Blinders are going on. The mess will be there when I’m done.

Venting session over. Time to schedule my run.

24 thoughts on “A Cluttered Head

  1. I know what you mean. When I worked as a teacher and now, I have to make it a priority to exercise otherwise, I become a mean person. My husband knows when I haven’t exercised because I’m just harder to live with ha! In order to quite that “mommy guilt”, I just focus on the fact that when I make time for myself to exercise, I am a better mom, wife, friend, and worker. Make that time for you girl! All that other stuff can wait! 🙂

  2. The best gift you can give yourself are things that make you a better you. The list of better you’s is different for everyone but I know walking a few miles outside is one of MY best me times.

    You got this! xoxo

  3. This is so funny…I JUST blogged about finding time to exercise. I agree, it is a MUST and should be a priority for all us mamas. Hope you enjoyed your run!

  4. You won’t find the time, no one ever “finds” time. You have to make the time for what’s really important to you. And as schedules get even crazier with multiple boys doing multiple activities you’ll find it even more challenging. But give yourself credit for what you have done, make some time and lace up those sneakers! Go get it Sheri!!!!

  5. The dishes will get dirty again and the toys will clutter the house. Sheri’s sanity will only be here for so long 🙂

  6. I used to LOVE running because of what you said. It was an escape from the hectic day, a way to decompress.

    Do you run in any events (5K, 10K, etc.)? I ask because that was what helped keep me motivated because I didn’t want to “lose” the entry fee. It made me find time to go which had to be within 10 minutes of me getting home or I wouldn’t go.

    After my BIG goal (half-marathon) I took a break from running. Although yesterday a jogged a little on the treadmill, I’ve yet to really get back into it.

    I miss it.

    Do let it slip away… 🙂

  7. My running is yoga, but my husband’s running is running so I sort of get this. What I get more than anything though is how we as moms put ourselves dead last. It’s just in our nature and I think, usually, it works out fine. But you can start to feel the noise, the lists, the worries, all build up in your mind. At that point we need to truly make it a priority. Hope you got your run in (or at least on the calendar)!!

  8. Up until about a week ago I had been living this cycle too. Honestly I am not sure how I changed my frame of mind but I decided that even if I only had time for 20 minutes to work out that I would do it every day. And guest what? I have done just that every day! I think allowing yourself off the hook on the other “stuff” can really help. I told my hubby that I was heading down a slippery slope too and he actually started pitching in more! WOW. I guess they do listen some times. Good luck dear and mommy guilt is the worst – your other comments put it well you are a better mom, wife and person when you work on yourself.

    1. 20 to 30 minutes is what I was allowing myself since November…and just lately I haven’t managed it. It’s not much to ask for is it? 20 minutes on a treadmill without a little person saying “I want a turn!”

  9. It’s tough to work out with the kids but somehow I have to run or else mommy is going to be very cranky Lol…still it’s a hassle as one of my twin girls likes to use the potty when I start working out and she almost wants to go every 10 mins :). Nice post!!!

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