To The Field We Go

My oldest son is 6. He’s never shown interest in playing any organized sports. We play soccer in the backyard. We move my dining room table and play hockey, but he’s never really shown a true interest. My other two on the other hand have. So I signed Deacon up for T-ball. This is painful for me. I can’t stand baseball. Not one bit. I never have. It’s not that I don’t like sports, I actually love sports; both watching and playing. I love watching football, hockey, soccer, lacrosse…but I draw the line at baseball. It absolutely bores me. I know, I know it’s a famous American past-time. I’m odd. I could care less if my kids have been seen wearing both Yankees and Red Sox stuff, which they have. That in itself shows how much I do not care about baseball. My husband isn’t even a big baseball fan. Now I’m a T-ball mom. S*#! Yay.

The season began Saturday with “opening day.” Opening day began with a parade around one block, lots of kids, lots of adults, and LOTS of noise makers. I’ll admit it was fun and I loved seeing Deacon in baseball gear. Shirt to his knees and swimming in his XS pants which certainly don’t fit well at all. He had his first game after the opening ceremony. Ahhhh….close to torture!! Thankfully they only play two innings but the game lasted almost an hour. AN HOUR of little dudes and dudettes all following the ball or staring at the ground, or better yet…the kid who kept kicking the dirt and all the dust would go in everyone’s eyes. It took all my strength not to shout at him. I mean seriously, poor #4 couldn’t even find first base because he couldn’t see. His little fists kneading his eyes while he went right into the fence.

Deacon’s ready stance was his little toosh almost touching the ground. The one time the ball comes in his direction and he’s looking down at his shoes and totally misses. The thumbs-up to us as he ran the bases like a drunken sailor were priceless. We need to practice running in a straight line. I know I said I can’t stand baseball, but at least T-ball has some comic relief. I’m secretly hoping he chooses to opt out of baseball next year and focus on something else…spring soccer, karate, maybe golf? To me, any sport is better than having to watch baseball. What am I going to do when I have to sit through 8 innings…or whatever the hell it is?

9 thoughts on “To The Field We Go

  1. How hysterical and so stinkin’ cute!!! We attempted basketball when Tuck was 3… it was a battle to get both teams to NOT play ring around the rosie and not to just run like wild banshies up and down the court! 🙂 Fun times and more of a comedy show for us for sure!

  2. My oldest is also 6 and has been playing tball (and soccer – and a season of football and basketball) since he was 3….I am not ashamed to say that I am very excited that my daughter’s dance class sometimes conflicts with game time! I don’t know how I am going to handle it when my baby gets old enough to play on a team too! Hang in there!

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