A Boy’s Facination

I’m surrounded by boys. Three little boys. Three little boys with a fascination for grossness. Pee, poop, fart, butt; these words put into any sentence send them into hysterics, what is up with that? Is it just a boy thing or is it a little kid thing? I asked Deacon what his favorite part of the Chipmunk movie was, “when they shake their butts!” Laughter proceeds. Followed by Logan laughing and shaking his butt along side Deacon. Listening to them play Star Wars, “Hey Logan, look Han Solo is going to poop on Darth Vadar!” Ha, ha, ha. Even when we play Belly-Eating Monster (that’s me) they try getting away from me with “I farted on you!” I try correcting it, but sometimes you just have to laugh along with them. Heck, I was a kid once. Although I didn’t grab a squirt gun and call it a pee-shooting machine.

Then there are the nicknames they come up with:

Ally Big Butt Girl (that’s our dog)

Stinky Fart Dad

Avery Poop Machine

Smelly Finny-Winny

The conversation in the car on our way to Grammie’s house, “Hey Logan, we should start calling dad Smelly Stink Dad, what do you think?” “Mom, I love you more than all the bird poop on the car.” Currently, that’s a lot.

Before bed tonight. “Tell us the story when Avery peed on that guy’s leg and Machar’s car seat at Uncle Keith’s house.” “Tell us the story when Avery peed on your leg when Logan was in your belly.” “Mom, you’re an Avery toilet!” Ha, ha, ha.

Why does every conversation have to include these lovely words? Even when I give the stern “no more poop talk!” I just get an quick apology and then a few moments later “My chocolate ice cream looks like dragon poop…sorry mom.” They will grow out of this, right?


13 thoughts on “A Boy’s Facination

  1. I actually think they grown INTO this and not out. Even my daughter enjoys a good fart joke and anything butt related puts them in hysterics!

    My kids like to have “bum bum fights” where they charge at each other backwards (preferably naked) and try to push each other over using their butts. Nice right?!

    Do your best to laugh and hope they keep the butt jokes for enjoying at home and not at their college graduation 😉

  2. My oldest son has now joined forces with my daughter and they take random moments to moon me and each other, no matter how much I fuss at them about doing it (this is along with talking about every body part/function imaginable). I am praying that my sweet baby doesn’t follow suit!!!! Kids are so gross! 🙂

  3. I am right there with you! It seems like it is all about fart jokes and silliness in my house 24-7. Moms of boys deserve spa days sometimes!

  4. Have fun keeping a list of all the names and words your boys say for things and write a little story about it in a few years from now… boys will be boys

  5. My first boy at home was my grandson and we are going through all the same things! In School, over twenty some years, I had preschool boys talk like that but it got better in class….the playground was another story however.

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