Sometimes They Just Need Mom

Logan is down with a fever and stuffy nose. Logan doesn’t usually get sick so this is rare. Heck, he avoided the stomach bug that hit the entire house, including the dogs. When they have a cold they stay out of school, I go to work, and they go to Mema’s and snuggle on the couch. Mema’s makes them egg-drop soup and all is dandy. Then I sit in my office feeling guilty all day. Logan spiked a high fever last night and I think he was awake all night. I snuggled the little human furnace all night. At one point he muttered “Dragonfly I need a tissue please?” I guess my new nickname is Dragonfly. He woke still with a fever so I called out of work.

Although my little man is sick I am kind of enjoying this. Me and the three boys got to snuggle in my bed together this morning and watch Little Einsteins. This takes me back to when Logan was a toddler, he just loved those Little Einsteins. Having Logan in bed sick also equals less shouting. He’s just relaxing. No arguing between the boys. It’s just been a mellow day. Some TV, some drawing, and some books. Deacon’s painting rocks and Finn is coloring dinosaurs.

So even though I am sad that my little guy isn’t feeling well, I’m savoring every minute of it. The snuggles, the “I love you”s, and the extra tending to I get to do. I guess it’s nice to feel so needed by the oldest one. They grow so fast. He even made me a “thank you for taking care of me” picture. I just love him to pieces!

5 thoughts on “Sometimes They Just Need Mom

  1. I’m glad he has his Mommy to take care of him…

    Did you see the dinosaur video I send you yesterday? You should show it to Finn and see how he thinks he’d handle a situation like that.

  2. Aww I miss the Little Einsteins! You are so lucky. My oldest is moving out so every single thing Johnny does not is nostalgic and makes me cry. And that drawing is awesome.

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