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In Mourning

I’m in mourning. All my TV shows are ending for the season. These shows, a glass of wine, and Goldfish are my salvation. They give me something to look forward to each day. I know no one should rely on television this much but what ever brings a mommy some peace, you know. A chance to lose myself for an hour in vampire nonsense or dysfunctional families. It’s not like I’ll be bored. I have plenty of things to do, but it’s just aside from a quick run on the treadmill, that’s my “me” time. My husband is probably thrilled because I’ll stop shushing him and sending him out of the room.

I guess I’ll be catching up on putting my photos into albums and reading the three books I have piled up waiting to be devoured. Just counting down the days for Fall TV Preview Week.

Bye Meredith, Phil, Claire, Elena, Chief, Gloria, Barney, and Marvin Wait For It Erikson. Till fall when we meet again.

11 thoughts on “In Mourning

  1. Might I recommend watching past shows an episode a night, some of which are still on the air? My husband and I have done this with “Lost,” “Arrested Development,” “Dexter” and “Mad Men,” among others. But then we go into serious, serious withdrawal when we catch up or the series ends …

  2. That made me laugh out loud. I know what you mean…now that Grimm is over for the summer, where will I get my cheese fix? I guess I have no more reason to put off finishing Jane Eyre….:-)

  3. I know how you feel. I miss my favs when they go on hiatus but even worse when they don’t come back at all. I miss PanAm. I was a flight attendant and could fully relate but I flew for PSA in the late ’60s…

  4. Reading yeah!!!!! Sports are big in our house, but we can only watch so much baseball until the playoffs….I too am catching up on photos and just ordered some books….NOT on the Kindle, but REAL books!!! YAHOO!!!

  5. My saddest moment of all came last week when I realized that United States Of Tara had been CANCELLED. I watched it while on bedrest with my twins- and loved that show. The fact that they cancelled it while the season was left in a cliffhanger just makes me downright stabby. Hope you can find something else- I just got into Downton Abbey, and Dexter is always a good catch!

  6. We’re just now watching the Desperate Housewives finale but I know how you feel. TV is very BIG in our house. We have nearly 2 DVRs filled with shows. hahaha…

  7. I have to admit I have been choosing reading over tv for a long time. I figured when the weather is crap I can watch most of the shows I do like on my computer long after the fact. Good luck surviving until fall 😉

    PS – I have two out of three of your “next in line” there and they were GOOD! I will be adding the Nora Roberts to my list now.

  8. I know. And they don’t even show reruns anymore. In the summer all there are are stupid reality game shows. I usually catch up on projects and movies and books I missed.

  9. I do miss my shows as well, but I suppose it’s TV Land’s way of saying, “Go outside & enjoy the summer while it lasts!” Or, “Catch up on your reading, chores, whatever needs to be done, and we’ll see you in the fall.” 🙂

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