I have pneumonia and have been instructed to “rest.” Rest. Rest. What really constitutes as rest? Rest is not something I’m very good at even when I want to be. When I had pneumonia in my early 20’s rest was watching all of season 6 of Friends in my room in an empty but clean house. It was peaceful. Rest now makes me restless. I see every dog hair and dust bunny gathering along the baseboard of the dining room. The dishwasher just broke so the dishes are piling up in the sink. The laundry is overflowing because hubs just doesn’t move at my pace. They’re busy playing and making their own popsicles…thus a large mess in the kitchen. The combination of mess and rest is killing me.

I felt super crappy yesterday so I was able to put the blinders on for a bit. My husband had to work in the morning so I had two of the boys home with me. Yeah, resting was difficult. Although I did stay in bed pretty much, I just had a 3-year-old sitting on my head while watching Land Before Time II. “Mommy way-tup!” Yeah, this is NOT rest. He then proceeded to tug strands of hair out of my head one-by-one, reminding me of his uncle when he and I used to watch Dukes of Hazard when we were young. When the daddy came home I thought I was free to take a nap, the key was finding a place to hide. I went ninja and snuck into the boys’ room, shut the door, turned on the fan, and got in Deacon’s bed. I love his bed, it’s like the Bat Cave. Unfortunately 30 minutes later I heard the pitter-patter, then I watched the doorknob jiggle and turn ever so slowly like a horror movie…it was HIM! The 3 year-old has found me. Pull the covers over and hide!!!! “Mommy! Way-tup! Come wit me!” Grrr.  I tried again, but this time I hid in the spare room. He found me again. I gave up and went to the couch while he sat and played Star Wars…and guess what, a re-run of Friends was on. Season 1. Ahh, there’s some rest. I got to just lay there and watch two episodes.

My husband just left with the boys to take them swimming at Uncle Jimmy’s. It’s opening day. So it’s just me and the dogs. It’s quiet and eerie. Time to give this “rest” thing another try….AFTER I sweep the floor. I JUST GOT TO DO IT! It’s driving me crazy!

17 thoughts on “Rest!?

  1. Feel better soon! My daughter is on complete bed rest until the baby arrives.
    I know this will drive you bananas also, but you need your strength, and my grandchild needs to “cook” a bit longer!
    Please take care of you.

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I remember having a wicked strep throat during the week that my son had spring break from school, not a lot of rest going on there. Get that rest in!!

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