Sometimes You Just Need A Rainy Day

Sometimes you just need a rainy day. I must say I was thrilled when I checked this weekend’s weather report. Rain all day Saturday. T-ball was cancelled. The birthday party Logan was supposed to attend for one of his classmates was cancelled. I didn’t have to feel guilty for not taking the kids to the park or the pool. I didn’t have to water the garden, and the weeds could wait till another day.

After being sick, for what seemed liked FOREVER, I was behind on everything. Expecting my husband to take care of the kids and ALL of the housework…yeah, not happening. He managed the kids just fine, aside from all the sugar intake and lack of actual meals. They’re alive. I needed this rainy day to catch up and clear my head. I hate a mess. I can’t stand the overflowing laundry, the un-made beds, the school paperwork in my “organized” piles, the dog hair clinging to the stairs, blankets all over the living room, and toys all over the floor like they just flew out of a pinata. With the words pneumonia and rest I had to ignore these things to the best of my ability while my insides turned.

Rain, rain, rain away! I stayed in my pajamas ALL DAY. Something I never do. I cleaned and I cleaned. The pollen is gone. The floors are washed and steamed. The dog hair is sucked up (momentarily)…I give it about 20 minutes before it’s everywhere again. I managed getting seven loads of laundry done. Productivity…I love it! What made everything so much easier is that my parents had Logan for the day. I only had two kids. I swear it makes a world of difference. As I have said before, it doesn’t matter which combination of two I have, it’s always easier and more peaceful. Less shouting.

So I managed to catch up on things around here finally without any guilt of having to take the boys outside. Something I needed both physically and mentally. The boys painted rocks and enjoyed the day indoors. I made pasta sauce and we had a nice dinner. Now they’re watching a movie with popcorn before bed and I can finally sit at ease with a glass of wine and enjoy the order rather than curl in a ball and try not to cry due to the chaos. Ahh. I can enjoy the sunshine tomorrow knowing I get a handle on things now.

Well now the 3-year-old just came down and laid on the dinning room floor to make a pretend snow-angel. So glad I don’t have to say, “Get off the dirty floor!”

5 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need A Rainy Day

  1. Pproductivity! I like the way you “relax” on a rainy day……I have a daughter who probably prays for rain from time to time……but for Nana’s house the sun makes life easier……now you can enjoy it, your house is now back under the mama’s control, but great effort dad! So glad to hear you up and going again!

  2. I’m glad you are better too… and I love the day in pajamas idea. Couldn’t help but notice that you steamed the floors… so glad to have a follow geek of cleaning. Counting down to August 16th for Baby D over here….

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