Sometimes I Just Don’t Understand Them

Finnegan has a little obsession with butter. The kind that comes in the tub. It never fails, every time I make pancakes he insists on sticking his tiny little finger in the butter. *hold gag reflex* He licks it off his finger and says, “Da-Yishus!” I put the top back on and get it back into the refrigerator as fast as possibly before his slimy little finger takes another dunk.

I bought a new tub of butter yesterday. Perfect creamy and smooth, untouched surface. Today, under Daddy’s watchful eye, Finnegan stole the butter and ate half the tub. I can feel my arteries screaming in agony right now. Gross! Does he seriously find it that “Da-Yishus?”

17 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Don’t Understand Them

  1. You think that’s gross? L used to butter and lox sandwiches. By this I mean he opened the bagel and licked the butter of the sides. He then proceeded to take the smoked salmon in his hand, swoosh it so that fat woul drop down from between his fingers, and shove a fistful in his mouth and suck it. Yum! I pleaded wit him to eat the bagel so he wouldn’t throw up, he never did.

  2. Oh wow! I honestly want my middle child to eat butter in that manner as he NEEDS the fat and calories. I am sure it makes you feel ill just thinking about it but since most kids consume large amounts of dirt too I think the butter (or as your hubby’s cute accent says it “butta”) lubricates their insides to help the dirt move around better.

    Maybe just serve him some toast or pancakes and hold the “butta” to even it out 😉

    1. “buttah” – ha you picked up on that too. That was one of the first things I thought of…people are going to get a kick out of his RI accent. Love the dirt theory! I’m going with it. Also works out the dog food he occasionally sneaks in the morning. He’s a gross little bugger!

  3. My parents tell all sorts of “me sneaking butter stories” when I was little. They would hear me creeping into the kitchen, the fridge light go on and then the tell tale finger “track marks” in the stick.

    My kids do the same thing now as we are making pancakes. My daughter was so eager to bite a hunk of the stick that she ate the paper too.

    So we have three votes in favor of Finnegan’s Da-Yishus!

  4. When my daughter was 3 she ate a tub of butter. For the next few days she spent a lot of time in the bathroom, I thought it would deter her butter addiction, but it that was a deterrent, I’d hate to see where we were headed!

  5. I was cracking up at the accent too because it’s not something I hear very often. Guess people would say the same thing if they heard me talk with my Southern-Midwest mix.

    Gimme that buttah… haha…

  6. Sheri – I had an obsession with butter when I was little too. My Mom would put it out for dinner and I’d hover around the table to wait until she wasn’t looking and skim right off the top of the stick!

  7. ooohhh I’ve got a story about this one – my husband’s cousins (from Alabama) ate butter sticks as kids… yeah … I won’t say anything else – might get in trouble 🙂

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