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There Was A Time When I Had All GIRLS

I’m a mom of three little boys and I absolutely love it, but there was a time when I had all girls. My Girls. They’re all grown now but I still refer to them as “My Girls.” It started when I was just five years old and my neighbor brought home a gorgeous little blue-eyed baby. Little did I know then that I was being primed to be the babysitter of the most wonderful clan of little girls.

When I became a teen I became the babysitter. Even though my first little girl had two brothers, I needed to be there to protect her from the flying G.I. Joe missiles. Not to mention I was just more fun. They weren’t going to play store or restaurant with her. We played for hours and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

Then came more little girls, “the cousins.” I was the official family babysitter. We spent weeks in Nantucket. Cartwheels on the beach. Cartwheels in the yard. Who knew you could entertain little girls for hours with basic gymnastic moves? I wish this worked on my boys…well maybe not, all my bones crack when I try doing cartwheels now. Mommy would probably end up in the ER.

My Girls. All of my girls are now these absolutely brilliant and beautiful young women…and I feel really old. Over the years they have just amazed me. College graduates with extraordinary GPAs. That gorgeous little blue-eyed baby just received her doctrine in veterinary medicine, the moment that prompted this post really. She’s a doctor! Years and years of school. She did it. I am so overwhelmingly proud of her…AND I can’t wait for her to take care of my doggies!

The baby of my little girl clan is finishing up college soon too. She went from making comments like “this bag smells like meatballs and pantyhose” to becoming a math wiz – with her funny sense of humor still intact. For years these guys have made me laugh. Their laughter is infectious. Casie’s giggle still makes me giggle. She’s always just so smiley! It’s been an absolute pleasure being in their lives; from changing diapers and making butter sandwiches, to setting up lemonade stands, to seeing them perform in sports, and watching them head off for college and become the fabulous women they are today.

I never imagined myself with all boys after caring for little girls for so long, but here I am today with three little boys and all the dirt, dinosaurs, and rock collections I can handle. I feel lucky that I sort had the best of both worlds. And to my five Girls  – you are extraordinary and I am so proud of the women you have become. AND you make me feel so old (I know I have been saying that for the past 16 years). Love you guys. *snap*


8 thoughts on “There Was A Time When I Had All GIRLS

  1. Such a lovely letter to your girls! Very sweet. And how special that they are still a part of your life – that is awesome. I sometimes think of the two little neighbor girls I babysat, and wish I knew where they were today… Maybe I’ll have to go look them up. 😉

  2. It’s wonderful that you still connect with those girls. I have no idea what became of all the kids I used to babysit. You must have been as great a babysitter as you are a mom. 🙂

  3. I don’t know how I missed this until now, but I was just catching up our your latest posts and it caught me totally by suprise! I may be 23 but I still refer to you as my babysitter! I’m sitting here smiling thinking of all our trips and adventures, perhaps we should take the boys to the aquarium this summer?! We really need to catch up!
    Send my love to them and to Martin of course! Love you Sheri!!!

      1. Speaking of little buggers…my favorite part of the aquarium trip was definitely the giant pencils that Martin and I stuck up our nose! Guess things don’t really change that much!!

        Miss you! You are the best, Sheri!!

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