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Father’s Day Kick Off – #1 My Dad

I love, love, love my dad! Not just because he’s my dad, but for his personality. My dad is a jokester. He’s funny, loving, playful, and caring. I remember when I would little everyone would call him “Uncle Al The Kiddies’ Pal.” He would always have us laughing and wouldn’t think twice about getting on the ground and getting attacked by myself, my brother, and all of our cousins. Never would he lose his temper with us, even when I busted his nose doing a cartwheel.

Favorite Childhood Daddy Memories:

1. Fishing at Brickyard Pond; just the two of us.

2. Letting me shift the gearshift selector from the passenger seat while he pumped the clutch.

3. The tickle-monster arriving by The Who’s “Magic Bus” – I’m going take that bus to you…

4. Playing Huey Lewis and the News “The Heart of Rock and Roll” every time we crossed the New York border to go to soccer tournaments. New York, New York is everything they say And no place that I’d rather be…

5. Popcorn and Dukes of Hazard Friday nights when Mom went out for card night.

6. Enjoying listening to Billy Joel in the old Datsun. Which thus inspired our father-daughter dance, Lullaby – which I now sing to my boys every night.

Now as an adult my favorite moments with my dad are kicking back and having a beer out on the deck, or watching him play with my boys. They seriously beat the crap out of him and he loves it.

Let’s Get PAPA!!!!! (Poor Papa)

Love you dad! A bussell and a peck and a hug around the neck. Hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day! xo

Now I feel guilty that my mom didn’t get a Mother’s Day post because I was in bed sick all weekend. Mom – you’re fabulous too. xo

7 thoughts on “Father’s Day Kick Off – #1 My Dad

  1. Great post… I still love the Dukes of Hazzard and get excited when I CMT runs a marathon of them. If we’re lucky they’ll have one on Father’s Day this year… haha…

  2. I met your Dad when I was 12. He was in love with my sister, introduced me to my first boyfriend, found me my first job. He’s always been there for me (and everyone else no matter what. He is a jokester but caring and loving too. I always said he was the best Father I ever knew. I Love you Alan. Have a great Fathers Day.

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