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Father’s Day Kick Off #3 – The Daddy

One of the first times I met my husband he was coaching a little league game. He was so good with the kids. As we started dating I noticed that more and more. Children seemed to flock to him and it reminded me a lot of my own dad. I was sold right there. He would come with me to take “my girls” to the zoo and the aquarium. They adored him. He had a way with kids and I knew then that he would make a really great dad. Even now my nieces and nephews seem to gravitate to him and they play and goof off. He loves tormenting my niece Aiden with his Ariel impression.

Although holding a newborn baby that is NOT his own makes him nervous, he was a natural with his own boys. He never got upset when he got peed on while changing a diaper. We learned to be parents together.

The boys obviously adore him. He gets beat with Nerf swords, asked a zillion times to play video games (I think he truly likes that), he draws amazing pictures at every request, and he doesn’t think twice about getting dressed up from head to toe in black and being Viper Spiderman. They love him to pieces, and that’s not just because he spoils them with gummy sharks and gummy worms. When Deacon requests reading The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food for the umpteenth time, he does.

So to an absolutely fabulous and fun daddy, we love you so much. You make us laugh every day. Happy Father’s Day!!

“I love you to dinosaur times and back.” – Logan

“Dad is the bestest!!” – Deacon

“No! MY dad!” – Finnegan

Love you bunches Babea. xo

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