What Is Wrong With This Child?

Be warned. Mommy is venting this Monday.

Was I overly blessed with my first two? Does he just truly enjoy being a “baby?” What is wrong with my sweet, handsome boy? Seriously.

He is beyond just turning 3. There are many things he should be doing…My number one gripe…SLEEP!!! Sleep through the night you little minion! Three years old. He started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old. It was great. I truly felt blessed. Unfortunately at the time his 2-year-old brother was getting up frequently during the night. That lasted a few months and then we were good. Good until the little minion was just shy of turning two. I remember the day…well night. The night he decided to become difficult. Halloween 2010. Yup. That was the night he decided to start giving us a hard time going to bed. He started becoming terrified of his room and crib. It’s been a battle ever since. By 1:30am either he has made his way to my bed, or I have had to get in bed with him…which then makes the other two jealous. Most nights I am a bed hopper. Last night I slept in three different beds throughout the night, which is not an unusual occurence, it is beyond ridiculous! My husband gets kicked, pushed, and slapped, or even overly snuggled. We don’t sleep. He likes to tease us every few months with sleeping all night in his bed.

Gripe number two with this little guy – Potty Training. Oh the joys of potty training. Didn’t have a problem with the first two. You would think that with two older brothers he would “get it” and want to be like a big kid. Sure he gets a kick out of peeing in the toilet and “making bubbles!!” he’s just failing at the other part. I swear he poops his pants every. single. day…unless he’s feeling a bit irregular. Every time he just says “Oh no, I sorry Mom. Poop goes in the toilet!” Bribery: stickers, candy, promised fishing trips…all not working. He sits there a while, says “I done”, and then goes somewhere to hide. FOUR months of this. I’ve had it. Please for the love of God use the toilet EVERY TIME!

He comes out with sentences like “I’m the baby.” “Carry me!” Does he really not want to grow up and be a big kid? It’s strange, one minute he is doing his best to keep up with his brothers and the next he wants nothing to do with them. I just don’t get it.

Okay, I’m done venting. Time to have a glass of wine and then get to bed early before I get summoned by relentless crying. Lucky you’re cute little man.

You need to do this all night little guy!

11 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With This Child?

  1. Yeah, some days just suck. Sorry! Just remember that you’re not alone, and that it’s just a “season” – next year you’ll be in a completely different space with the little one. Well, that is, if you survive… But that’s what wine is for, right?! 😉

  2. I hear you! My grands, Nora just turned three last weekend, and the week before that she was still “hiding”. So there is hope! The other little one Jovie, is turning two July 12th, but hers is the mommy on complete bed rest awaiting a little sister so she has decided this is an opportune time to begin screaming randomly at things loud that scare her…she is suddenly “fraid” of all things loud, the garbage truck, the motorcycle going by… daughter(the younger one, mom of Jovie, ) believes its all about Mommy being home in bed for 9 wks and her life turned suddenly upside down….yep, could be that….they are all driving their parents crazy this summer…..I’m sorry for all of you! Glad you have such a good hearted partner to share it all!

  3. I feel your pain! My 5-year-old daughter (the middle child and only girl) goes back and forth between a competitive nature of keeping up with her brother who is 17 months older and wanting me to treat her like a baby. Mama doesn’t play the baby game so this usually occurs when daddy is home and can’t help himself – SO glad I only have one girl. And you know my bed issues with my 20 month old since I was just venting myself yesterday (and my other two didn’t start sleeping AT ALL until they were 4 and 5 – not even when they were babies. I was literally a zombie without the flesh eating killing sprees.) And potty training is THE WORST! I am starting with my youngest now and was hoping he would just get it right away since my other two were huge pains in the butt – yep, even the girl – but now I’m worried! Oh the joys of motherhood! And you said it right, GOOD THING THEY’RE CUTE!!!!

  4. My three year old is going through something similar. I thought it was because of his baby sister (who is less of a baby then he is most days!) but maybe it’s the age? Something about their development that is scary and instinctively want to regress? There is a LOT of “carry me” and “hold me” going on around here. And he has always been a terrible sleeper so I don’t think much of it, but he has been in our bed a LOT.

    Hang in there!!! It HAS to get better, right???

  5. This sounds like a problem that I have with my two boys now. The oldest is 4 and has decided that he’s deathly afraid of sleeping in my own bed. The little one is 14 months and he hasn’t slept a day in his crib. You put him in and he’ll cry for hours… UGH! I understand your pain 🙂 But it’s got to get better eventually… right?

  6. I feel your pain! My two year old does not sleep in his bed! He will fall asleep in it but in the middle of the night, he will ALWAYS wake up and sleep with us… putting his foot in our face and all. I have gotten a couple fat lips when he head butts me lol… not fun to wake up to. 🙁 I HOPE it gets better!

  7. My two hard-to-potty-trainers weren’t, er, “fixed”, until I made them clean up their messes, i.e. get a cloth, put all the clothes in the wash by themselves, get changed by themselves, etc. (of course I supervised and re-did some stuff for hygienic reasons.) For them, I had to make accidents so inconvenient, it was just easier to make it to the toilet.

    My sympathies for the bad sleeping though. Go take a nap if you can!

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