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And The Award Is From…

I’m a bad blogger when it comes to accepting awards. I usually just give a little thank you comment and don’t go forward with making a post and passing the award to other bloggers I enjoy reading. I’m feeling a little guilty, but it’s just time consuming (all that linking). I have been generously bestowed three awards in the past couple of weeks. Although I really don’t feel like putting in the time to a post for each one I feel I really need to give a little recognition back to the fabulous ladies that thought of me. Believe me, I GREATLY appreciate it and I am extremely flattered. All three of the lovely ladies are “boy” moms. I read every post they write. They are just that fabulous. You should really go check them out. So in no particular order here they are:

There is Super-fantastic Lane of Supertucksmama – Not only is her son Tuck beyond ‘super’, Super Tucks Mama needs to rename her blog Super Tucks Super Mama! Her post are inspiring. She has done such a great job raising this AMAZING little boy.

There is the lovely Lydia of Life, Love, and Lydia. – Lydia has a beautiful heart and a beautiful family. The love she has for her family and God are present in every post, even when she needs to vent, as we all do. She knows what is more important in life.

And Patty of Discover and DevourI really enjoy Patty’s children’s book reviews. She’s always making some great recommendations along with sharing what her life is like being a mother to her beautiful little boy, Oster.

So ladies, I thank you very, very much for nominating me for these great blogging awards. You guys are great! And to my readers…go check these ladies out. They’re spectacular!

Great, now I have the Spectacular Spiderman song in my head. That will be there the rest of the day.

Ladies, these Dandelions are for you! xo

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