The Bookshelf – Dino Pets

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The boys LOVE the book Dino Pets by Lynn Plourde and illustrated by Gideon Kendall. We first discovered this book at the library. Logan didn’t want to return it. He was so upset when it was due to go back. Heck he’s always wishing that he could have a dinosaur for a pet. Being the lucky boy that Logan is, his Grammie bought him the book, so now we read it often…very often.

The story is about a boy who goes and buys a dinosaur for a pet and runs into a little bit of trouble. First he gets the BIGGEST dino and it doesn’t fit through the door. He tries the SMALLEST dino, but it falls out of his pocket. He tries the FASTEST, SOFTEST, FIERCEST, LONGEST…all paired with gorgeous illustrations. There is even a dinosaur glossary at the end.

The poetic rhythm of the book is enjoyed by all my boys. They even argue who gets the read the pages (which they know by heart of course). Usually when we read this book there are four voices narrating it.

Right now I’m really excited – While searching for the image for this post I have discovered that Lynn Plourde also wrote a follow-up book. Dino Pets Go To School! I MUST get them this one before the end of summer. They are going to be so excited!