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I spent a good portion of Saturday morning trying to clean out the toy room. I spent a few more hours Saturday night trying to finish it up. It’s always a daunting task which requires wine. I get little annoyed each time. Why do we have so much stuff? I come across things they never play with anymore. As soon as I go to put it in the “to-go” pile it suddenly becomes their favorite toy again. “Oh Mom thank you for finding this one! I missed it.” It’s been in the toy box the entire time buddy. You couldn’t have missed it that much.

I pretty much know what I can get rid of and what I MUST keep. There are the toys they love and play with all of the time. I call them the good investments. Then there are the toys in the bottom of the box that they forgot they even had. You know the ones…the ones you need to sneak out of there and just toss without being detected. The ones they don’t care about until you say they going out the door. The toys I would never toss are their Legos, their Imaginext stuff (unless the guys are missing limbs from the dogs), their Star Wars guys, the bin of dinosaurs (again, unless partially chewed), and the new toys they just got…the V-Tech Switch & Go Dinos.

As all my readers know, my boys LOVE dinosaurs, especially Logan. I seriously still wonder why I just didn’t name this blog Jurassic Mommy. I was fortunate to receive these new dinos to facilitate a review on We were sent T-Donn the Pteranodon and Tonn the Stegosaurus to try out. I must say these things are pretty cool. They can be dinosaurs or you can transform them into cars. Finn had more fun with the cars and Logan of course loved them as dinosaurs. What mommy loved…they teach you different facts about the dinosaur. Did you know that the brain of a stegosaurus is the size of a walnut? What mommy loves even MORE – they have kept them entertained and actually playing really nicely together. The toys didn’t get played with for a week and then tossed into the bottom of the toy box. We have had these guys for a month and a half and they are still being played with. Love that!

At 3 yrs old he can even transform it himself

And now they want ALL of the dinos, of course.

My tackle of the toy room was pretty successful. One very big bag of trash and a ton of toys and puzzles ready for donation. Now finding the time to drop them off.

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