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The Bookshelf – Clumsy Crab

The book we read tonight was from our Scholastic collection: Clumsy Crab. Clumsy Crab is both written and illustrated by Ruth Galloway. First of all the illustrations are fabulous. They’re full of bright vibrant colors that make you feel like you’re in the tropics. I can almost hear the sound of  Reggae music coming from the pages. Illustrations aside, it’s the message of the story that really makes me like this book. Poor clumsy crab is just, well, clumsy. He can’t seem to get out of the way of his big claws. He’s different from his friends and he’s not feeling too good about it. When one of his friends gets himself into trouble only clumsy crab can rescue him using his clumsy claws. It’s a feel good story that focuses on self-esteem and seeing the positive in things. We love it!

5 thoughts on “The Bookshelf – Clumsy Crab

  1. Sounds wonderful! There are a lot of children out there who seem to have a habit of tripping over their own feet or are constantly knocking things over and this would be perfect for showing them that they are useful, too.

      1. Aaaww! I’m sure he’ll grow out of it. I babysat my girlfriend’s daughter who was 3 months older than mine. I felt so guilty sending her home almost every day with another bruise or skinned knee because that girl would trip over a speck of dirt on the sidewalk as she tried to catch up to my daughter. It’s a good thing my friend knew just how clumsy her daughter was or she’d begin to wonder about me! They had to bring her in twice in as many weeks for stitches on her forehead because she’d trip in a doorway and crack her head open on the frame! We were actually witness to that once so could always have come to their defense if there was ever any questions. Today, the young lady is mother of two boys and has been an avid soccer player with no major injuries to speak of. Her sister, on the other hand, didn’t start out clumsy, but has hurt herself several times recently playing soccer! 🙂

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