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It’s Not Just Guilt, It’s Jealousy Too

The other day I posted about the mommy guilt I have been feeling with summer here. The boys want  me to take them to do fun things and I have to be at work full-time. However, you would think that when my husband is home with them and doing fun things that I would feel better. Sure, there is a little less guilt but I think there is also some jealousy. I admit it; I’m jealous.

My husband works full-time as well, but if he has a day with no cases he gets to stay home with the kids. Sure sometimes they have to go with him to the hospital and drop off stuff, or stop in the office to send out a fax or two, but they still get to do fun things or even just lounge around the house watching movies and making forts. He usually has a couple of days home with them a week. I’m jealous.

They went to the zoo today. A zoo I had never been to before. They really wanted to go see the white alligator. They even met up with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Needless to say, they had a fantastic time. Occasionally my husband would send me a picture of them while I was at work.

I feel like a child that wants to stomp their feet and say “Hey, I want to go too!!”

I’m thrilled that they got to go and have a wonderful time. I’m just bummed that I had to miss it. I should be happy that they didn’t have to sit around my in-laws all day. They got to spend quality time with Daddy, Uncle Jimmy, and Auntie. This jealousy thing sucks.

They even enjoyed some slip n’ slide action when they got home. Not really jealous of that one because that often takes a lot of refereeing.

They’re going to see Brave tomorrow at the theater…I wanna see Brave TOO!! Boo. Okay, time for me to stop feeling sorry for myself. Do you get a little jealous when you don’t get to be the one to enjoy all the fun stuff with your kids?

10 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Guilt, It’s Jealousy Too

  1. I know how you feel! Yesterday I opened my FB page to see pictures of my grandson at the new playground in my favourite park. I had to say, I felt a finger of that green-eyed monster poking me, too. I wanted to be there in person to see him play on the new equipment. It’s tough when you can’t be with the kids when they’re doing fun stuff. If you ever get holidays, you’ll have to plan to spend the whole time enjoying it with the boys – and forget about house work! 🙂

  2. I think my husband feels the same was as you sometimes. I only work 2 days a week so the majority of the time it’s just me and B. But luckily there’s the technology that we have today to send video and picture messages to help you feel closer to the action!

  3. You are totally validated lady! I feel like my hubby is constantly the “fun” one while I am left to execute and reprimand. I try to do fun things when I can like order pizza at the beach so they can stay extra long and have a picnic in their suites.

    We mom’s have to do what we can to be FUN too!

  4. If it helps, I heard Brave is really lame. All the best parts are in the previews and it’s full of voodoo/follow your inner voice/spirit shizz. Much like the most recent Disney Frog Princess movie.

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