The Adventures of Allie

We had a bit of a scare today. Allie, my only daughter, went missing (for my new readers, Allie is a dog). I got the call while I was at work. My husband returned from the movies with the boys and the front door was wide open – how that happened, who knows. That’s another story. Now in Allie’s “lighter” days (the boys now call her Big-Butt Girl) she would scale the fence like a gazelle, run down the street and then back up the street and back over the fence. She hasn’t done that in a while with that big bottom of hers. My first thought was that she just ran down the street and would be back. After my husband talked to the neighbors we were informed that she had been out two hours ago. Avery went back in the house and our neighbor got Allie back in the house. Then the door was opened again and out she went and gone.

My husband and the boys drove all over the neighborhood calling for her. After another hour of no Allie, I left work and went home. Poor Deacon was in tears. I felt so bad. I remember that feeling as a kid. I used to cry and cry when my cat was out and didn’t come back that night. Heck, I cried when Odie got lost in the Garfield special.

So what was Allie up to? Lets see, if we put the pieces of the puzzle and the information from the neighbors together, she had quite the adventure.

She ran around visiting the neighbors, who were trying to corral her back home.

She went down the street and was almost caught by another neighbor, who in turn had a conversation with a police officer regarding the big gray dog running wild. Luckily she escaped Animal Control.

According to the boys, she went frog hunting in the pond down the street. They checked out the pond and noticed that it looked like it had been “disturbed.”

She ran around down the train tracks. One of her favorite places. Maybe she was trying a hitch a ride back to Kansas.

She played in the woods.

I like to imagine she was most likely chasing birds too. A lovely activity she enjoys to do when I try to go jogging with her. Nothing like a good, sudden yank to the right to get in a bicep workout while running.

She got a pedicure. Her nails are now nicely filed from running all around the neighborhood.

She was finally found by the Daddy and the Brothers while she was gallivanting down the train tracks again. She was tired, a little bit mangled from running through the woods, and her front pads look a little rough. The big old girl was tuckered out big time. Heck it’s been almost 6 hours and she’s under the dining room table fast asleep. At least she had an adventure even though she drove us nuts…and she escaped Animal Control.

“Phew, not doing that again. Mom, please, no pictures.”

Now my question is, how the did the front door get open twice!? Has she figured out how to open the door? Was it our live-in friends? I don’t get it.

10 thoughts on “The Adventures of Allie

  1. So glad you found her! Lucky you have a big dog…if our little toy poodle ever got out, I don’t think we’d be able to find her. 🙁

  2. She took herself out for a “hayday”. That old term about making hay while the sunshines…maybe lost a pound……but she did forget to leave a note!
    Most inconsiderate!
    From another dog lover…….my labs were known to do this!!

  3. It is scary when a pet goes missing. Glad Allie is back, safe and sound. Next time, though, she should put on her shoes if she’s going to explore the neighborhood! lol

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