We Finally Made It To The Beach

We finally made it to the beach this weekend and it was FABULOUS! Being a Rhode Islander, I love the beach. And what I truly love is that my boys LOVE the beach. I don’t know what I would do if they didn’t. They had so much fun this weekend. I wish we could do this all of the time. This is what pure joy looks like…

No fighting, bickering, or whining. They just had so much fun together. Now sure my beach days are different now. I no longer consider the beach to be a “relaxing” activity where I can just lounge, but it certainly is a lot of fun.

6 thoughts on “We Finally Made It To The Beach

  1. Love the photos! Your boys are absolutely adorable. We love the beach too! I know what you mean about the beach not being “relaxing” anymore haha! So glad you had a wonderful, fun day!

  2. Definitely no relaxing when you go without the husband (as I’ve found out) although when he does come along I can usually sneak in a little sunbathing still! Cute pictures 🙂

  3. I love to see the pure joy on the faces of your boys! 🙂

    The beach is a wonderful place for kids to enjoy growing up. It was always a retreat for me as a kid. My kids enjoyed it, too. It was with great sadness when we finally sold the cottage this year. It had become a huge financial burden, but I’m glad there are many beaches in this province of a thousand lakes, so my grandson will not lack the beach experience. 🙂

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