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How To Train Your Dragon LIVE!

How well can you keep a secret? Actually, it’s better said, how LONG can you keep a secret? Two weeks just about killed me. You see it’s harder to keep a secret when you know how much joy it’s going to bring to someone you love. You know…SURPRISES!!

My boys LOVE the Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon series. By series I mean the film, the mini-films, the toys, the books…all of it! Logan was very upset that Walmart stopped selling the toys because the movie was no longer hot out of the theater. I had to hunt all over eBay this past Christmas. I would get the “Mom, can I look at How To Train Your Dragon stuff on the computer?” constantly. It got rather annoying actually. Then we came across it, the Mother of all How To Train Your Dragon YouTube videos…How To Train Your Dragon was going LIVE in the arena. The bad news at the time…it was only in Australia. I had to explain to the 6-year-old that we weren’t buying plane tickets to Australia to go see the show. Sorry buddy.

I went online a couple of weeks ago to see if they had posted any US dates yet…YIKES, it was already here and the show closest to us was in a couple of weeks. I immediately bought the tickets and I wanted to keep it a surprise. Easier said then done. I wanted to tell them all about it. See the excitement on their faces and hear the whoops and yays! However, as all moms know, that would be followed with, “How many more sleeps?” “Is today the day?” “I wish it were today.” I definitely would have went crazy by day two. So my husband and I stayed hush about it. Although we did use the “we have tickets for something special this summer so you better behave” card on a daily basis. Let me correct that, MULTIPLE times on a daily basis.

Sunday morning my husband grabbed the envelope with the tickets and we asked Logan to read what it said. “That’s the word DRAGON!!” “The How To Train Your Dragon robot thing!!!” “Yahhooo!” *shaky-shake dance*

I must say the show was everything I thought it would be and more. It’s amazing what they can do. Gigantic dragons that breathe fire, fly, and move about. There is a point where Hiccup is running up a wall/screen and it looks almost like a video game of him running through Berk. It was amazing! My favorite part was the underwater scene. You literally feel like you are under water.

Patiently waiting for the show to start

So what did my three little critics think? I must say that Finnegan was mesmerized and enjoyed the entire show. Deacon used words like “awesome” “I can’t believe this!” Logan of course found it to be “the best thing ever” “amazing” “spectacular!” and continued on and on about it. And Logan, the critic, had to mention that they made the Monstrous Nightmare robot wrong. “Mom, Monstrous Nightmare doesn’t have front legs, he uses his wings to walk.” Yeah, he was totally right. I had to go check it out when we got home. The boy knows his dragons.

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We had a really great day. At the end of the show Logan asked, “So Mom, is now the time to go back stage to see the dragons for the meet and greet ?” Yeah, sorry buddy you watched one too many YouTube videos. We don’t have a press pass and we’re not VIP.

Keeping my mouth shut about the event for two weeks…totally worth the surprise.

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  1. Hysterical! You must have won some serious mom points back stage passes or not. I bet they are still talking about that show come back to school and brag to all their friends about how cool their parents are for taking them 😉

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