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The Bookshelf – Dino Pets Go To School

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on one of our favorite books Dino Pets by Lynn Plourde. The boys just LOVE this book and we often read it together in unison. The fabulous and funny Lynn Plourde read my post and so generously sent us the sequel…Dino Pets Go To School! The boys were so excited to receive it. “Wow, someone must really like us!” Logan exclaimed.

This one has become one of our new favorites…a weekly read, actually it’s multiple times a week. This time we’re brought to school and the main character has to choose a pet to bring to school for Pet Day. We learn about the smartest dino, the spikiest dino, the widest dino. Once again enjoying the excellent illustrations by Gideon Kendall . One of the things the boys pointed out at the end were that the other dinos from the original Dino Pets are all at the end of the book. They enjoy pointing out the ones they learned in the first book, and which ones they’ve learned in the this book. My personal favorite is the Troodon…he eats the math quiz. The boys adore the egg, they have this strange obsession with eggs. Every rock they pick up is a “dinosaur egg.”

So a very big THANK YOU to Lynn Plourde for sending us this fabulous book. We’ll keep it forever. If they boys turn out anything like me, they’ll be sharing this very same book with their little ones some day. It has been a greatly welcomed addition to our bookshelf.

6 thoughts on “The Bookshelf – Dino Pets Go To School

  1. I am going to check with my daughter-in-law and if my grandsons don’t have this book I am getting them a copy…thanks for the review!

  2. What a special thing to do! I can see why your boys love it! I’ll have to pick it up for my grandson.

    Your mention of the egg reminded me of my daughter who was obsessed with an older friend’s particular toy – a ‘dino egg’ that transforms into a dinosaur. She loved it so much, the older friend gave it to her and she still has it for her little boy! As you can see, all generations love dinosaurs. 🙂

  3. Lucky boys! Thanks for the reviews. I have three girls so our book collection is made up of mainly Princesses, fairies and mermaids. Recently however, my three year old has become obsessed with dinosaurs. I’ll have to get her a copy of this 🙂

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