A 4-Year-Olds Take On Babies

The kids often like to joke around about having more babies. Mommy and Daddy have made the decision NO MORE BABIES. We’re all set. Well at least I’m all set 100% of time; the husband…he sometimes gets the itch, “Only if I can guarantee it would be a boy” he says. Yeah, not going to happen. The boys like to ask for siblings to get mommy and daddy riled up. They get a kick out of our reaction to the mere thought of another.

On the way to my nephew’s baseball game Deacon told us all that he wants to have babies when he’s a grown-up. Logan quickly replied with his nasty and  wiser older brother attitude…”Deacon! Only girls have the babies. You can’t have a baby!”

“That’s right.” Deacon replied and then he went into some thought. You could see his brain at work. He was definitely in deep thought…and then it came to him.

*fully animated with hand gestures* “I get it! I carry the babies as a kid and then when I’m a grown-up I give them to the mommy. Then in a day, day and a half she goes to the hospital and burps out the baby!” Huge grin across his face for solving the mystery of babies. He was beaming with pride.

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  1. RE: the “no more babies” part…I’m so dead set on no more babies, that even though DH is fixed, I still get the birth control shot. God would have some MAJOR hurdles to climb to get me “with child.”

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