10 Days On Mona-Vie

I figured I would update you on my trial run of Mona-Vie Mx for those of you who were interested. I know 10 days isn’t much to really get the full effect of a product, but I am already starting to notice a difference. First off, my energy is more balanced. I’m usually super-mom to sloth. I have days of high energy and then days where I crash entirely. I never really understood it. It seems to be balancing out. Take Tuesday for instance; I got up early and put in some laundry, put the dishes away, got ready for work, dropped the kids off, worked a full day, hit the grocery store on my lunch break, made dinner for my family and in-laws, (hubs did the dishes – my love), night-time routine with the boys, then ran 3 miles. I slept great and woke up the next day still feeling fantastic. The norm would be me feeling sluggish all day.

Another bonus I’ve noticed is the dark circles around my eyes aren’t as bad. Am I completely cured of them? No I’m not, but there is definitely some improvement. I’m not feeling so vampire-like…well maybe a little bit seeing I’ve been joking with my husband about the juice. I’ve been calling it my “True Blood.” Just look at this stuff, tell me it doesn’t look like True Blood!? “Where’s Sookie?”

Anywho, I’m excited to discover the other bonuses of this antioxidant-packed life juice! My real test is seeing how well it battles my Raynauds. My mission next week is to make meatloaf. Hands in ground meat ALWAYS triggers the Raynaud phenomenon reaction. The lovely white, blue, & red fingers (perfect for the Olympics but painful for me). Now if I can find something this good and this natural to battle Raynauds as opposed to calcium blockers…just sign me up for life.

The only cons for me that I can think of is the texture/taste. Now I’m sure many people will LOVE it, but I’m a snob when it comes to certain things. Take yogurt for instance. I eat one type of yogurt and only one flavor of it. It’s totally a texture thing with me. I keep trying to venture out but I still come back to my beloved Dannon. The Mona-Vie makes me pucker. I find it has a tart aftertaste. Nothing that would deter me from drinking it, just something I feel the need to kick back really fast like a shot of bourbon.

So I’m going to continue on this trial and I’ll let you know if I have truly found mommy’s super juice.

For more information on Mona-Vie and their products click here.

14 thoughts on “10 Days On Mona-Vie

  1. Hey Sher, I’m very happy its working for you! If anyone deserves those results it’s you! Btw, can you teach me how to write 🙂

  2. I just have to say, I absolutely love your blog!! I read all of your entries faithfully and I always look forward to the next one. Being a wife and mother also, I can relate to alot, if not all, of your entries. Thank you for sharing your experience with MonaVie. Monavie Mx has helped my mother tremendously with her arthritis and for that I am forever grateful. Congratulations on your blog and I wish you continued success! 🙂

  3. I came across your blog post on Facebook. When I first started drinking MonaVie, I found the flavor to be a little strong also. My remedy? I simply added my 2 oz. shot to a glass of orange juice. After a few weeks, I got used to the flavor & have been drinking it ever since. The health benefits have been amazing for me, my family, & my friends!

  4. For me it was an acquired taste because it is so concentrate. But after about a week, I got use to it and after 4 yrs. I absolutely crave it! Try putting it in a smoothie. You can get your juice, yofurt and fruit all at once! Yum!

  5. sounds interesting… will check back at the end and see how you feel. The orange juice trick from the comments,might work for me as well. But doesn’t OJ cause bloating in women?


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