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When I think of summer play I think of squirt guns, slip n’ slides, the beach, the pool, having fun in the sprinkler…all sorts of outdoor fun. However, there are days where the boys just don’t want to be outside in the heat and Mommy doesn’t feel like hitting up the bowling alley or the movies.

Logan will draw, Deacon will want to play a video game, and Finnegan will either become my shadow or find some way to get into trouble like taking the tub of butter out of the refrigerator and sinking his fingers into it. What I truly love is when all three of them play with their toys together. Not only do I love that they are using all this “stuff” that we’ve spent money on, but I love hearing their imaginations soar, and hope they soar to the same place so there isn’t an argument. So when we find a toy that encourages them to use their imagination and keeps them engaged long enough for me finish a cup a coffee and fold a load of laundry in peace then I’m a pretty happy mommy.

We received the Matchbox Big Boots Helicopter last week and I must say they’re having a ball with it. A great feature is this invention of “Big Boots.” Three Big Boot action figures came with helicopter and you can drop them, stand them, spin them, flip them, and they always land upright and stay on their feet. How many times have I heard the whining and frustration coming from my boys because an action figure will not stay standing during battle? One too many that’s for sure. I sometimes even have a hard time getting some of those guys to balance and stand up myself. The boys were so excited to show me how it worked. We had Big Boot guys flying across the dining room table.

The dinosaur stickers on the helicopter were a definite plus for my dino-loving boy. His one complaint was that it didn’t come with a dinosaur, which was no problem in my house; the three of them just headed over to our large bin of dinosaurs and created their own Jurassic rescue mission. Hours of fun and no arguing, SCORE!

Everything packs right into the helicopter making it great for travel to Mema and Poppy’s house, which was a must for them the other day.

You can WIN some awesome toys from Mattel too! Just head over to see my friend Jen at Savoring The Thyme and enter on the Rafflecopter to win either a Girls’s Prize Pack or a Boys’ Prize Pack! Be sure to visit the following RI Digital Media Women sites to see their reviews of other excellent Mattel toys that will surely occupy your kiddos during these hot summer months. Don’t forget to follow Mattel on Facebook and Twitter!

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*The Prize Packs:

Girls Prize Pack – Barbie Dress & Design Studio ($21.99 APR), A Barbie Doll of the World ($29.95 APR) & Barbie I Can Be… Fashion Designer ($13.99 APR)

Boys Prize Pack – Matchbox Big Boots Fire Truck ($25.99 APR), Hot Wheels Wall Tracks ($24.99 APR) & Hot Wheels Ballistiks ($24.99 APR)
*Substitutions may be made if the product is not available

Disclosure: The products featured in this post were provided by Mattel to facilitate my review. The opinions within this review are my own…well, and my boys. Thank you to Mattel for giving us this great opportunity.

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  1. Nice! Those Big Boots characters sound great for small fingers and uncoordinated youngsters. I will definitely have to look into this a little more for the sake of the Grandson. 🙂

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