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It’s Still Summer

I’m not ready yet. Truly not ready yet. It’s everywhere. The list is posted on the refrigerator. The mental list is running through my head. It can’t be that time yet? Back-to-school. Come on people, we still have an entire month left of summer, can we please just enjoy it and not think of all that back-to-school stuff? As soon as it hits there is the domino affect going right into Fall and then the holiday craziness, then the cold winter that lasts forever accompanied by the outrages heating bills. Ugh, I don’t even want to think about it yet.

My husband mentioned to the boys that summer is almost over. I thought Logan was going to burst into tears. “You said summer vacation was a long vacation!” Two and a half months is long for a vacation buddy.

So let’s just not talk about it. Let’s camp. Let’s hit the beach again. Let’s light a fire in the fire pit and roast marshmallows. Please. I’m not ready to let go of summer and there is no sense in doing it early. Forget the pencil cases and new sneakers. Go splash and play!

Just a bit longer…

6 thoughts on “It’s Still Summer

  1. We’ve got to be present. Each day. This isn’t something I’ve mastered yet, but am working on. Don’t even think about September yet. It will be here soon enough. Summer on girlfriend!

  2. Summer vacation is NEVER long enough as far as I’m concerned! I work in the schools and I am so looking forward to RETIRING! Then I can have ‘summer vacations’ all year long! When the kids were little, I loved doing stuff with them and it was like a kick in the gut when I’d see the back-to-school stuff come out at the end of July. Enjoy these last few glorious weeks of summer! 🙂

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